Bird does Breslau

The past few days I was in Poland together with Aradolls to visit AyuAna who had kindly invited us over after we couldn’t attend LDoll 2018.

It is always funny to me to see how differently cities photograph and how differently I photograph cities. This entry again has pictures taken with my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

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Bird does Slovenia

I had the amazing opportunity to join my Dad to a quick trip to Slovenia. Our Slovenian rep had 25th anniversary where she hosted a two-day-congress in Portoroz and I tagged along.

This was also the first trip I didn’t bring my DSLR, instead all pictures were shot using my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

Random Austrian mountains which are only here cause they wre shot out of a moving car and for that the quality is *chef’s kiss*
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Drink up me hearties yo ho (The dolls in 2018)

For kicks, my plan for 2018 from last year:

Plans for 2018:
Reineke – SheCow Kit
??? – Otherside Dione
??? – Magic Mirror Levon
??? – Dollsbe Event face (that old guy)

I will definitely be ordering Kit once his preorder pops up – otherwise I want more ‘unusual’ faces. Give me all the weirdo heads, you can have my Minifees lol. Like don’t get me wrong, MNFs are cool but I want something grittier, not flawless perfection but… yeah.

Then I want a 50mm prime lens (my 35mm is a bit too wide for my smol dolls and my kit lens is well, a kit lens). But other than that? I am pretty darn content*.

*see me in a few days once 2018 telling that lol no

Oh wait, more clothes. But I guess that is given with me?

The dolls in 2018

What actually got done below.

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Prague – 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson, Inc. (H-D), or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903.

I’d also dare say it’s a way of life – I had been delighted when Dad finally got a Harley last year. And when he asked if I’d like to join in the 115th anniversary I was delighted!

Especially cause it turned out the H-D has a way nicer seat than his previous bike. So instead of ass cramps, only my legs are dead which is to be preferred.
Trip there and back took us around 6 hours each way, breaks aside so you can estimate why I value my behind’s continued usage.

The Venue

Hosted on the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds it was really a gorgeous space. And also so. Fucking. Peaceful!?
I’ve been to regular fairs with more agressions than the H-D anniversary. Everyone was just having a genuine good time and was friendly af.

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K5 reduced [tw: character death, blood, injuries]

When I recently got rid of almost all my Minifees, it stemmed from the realisation that Minifees just were too flawless for my crew and not loved enough by me to work on them. I kept Kabira though (even tho everything in me told me to get rid of all and get a Dollmore Judith for the job) as the artist who did her faceup effectively stopped doing commissions and I am quite fond of it.
Of course I needed a plausible explanation why suddenly the K5 Unit was only one person but still referred to as K5 so… have some shit writing!

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

It had been, in a cruel twist of fate or just history’s all compassing desire to complete a full circle, Kekona’s idea.
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Be the change you want to see

Back in ye olde days when I was just starting with BJDs, my goal were pretty and cute dolls. Dolls that’d make you go DAWW. Dolls like

Phineas (DZ Hal) and Phyllis (DiM Laia) for example.

Then I wanted pretty but badass, like

Prudence (Fairyland MNF Marcia)

And then I had an identity crisis and had to stop doing BJD stuff for like two years and concentrate on Blythes cause nothing brought me satisfaction.
Don’t get me wrong, they were all fabulous in their own rights but at the same time… boring in their perfection.

It’s only been since 2016 that I feel that I have actually started to figure out what I want to see in my crew.

I still want perfection

Pazuzu (Iplehouse Violet)

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