Mitra had been out hunting when they caught them. Of course they knew of the risks, every single one of them knew to stay out of the way of traders’ caravans when they came through the desert and yet… here they were, uncomfortably in a small cage, strapped to a camel’s side and bumping into the furry body with each swaying step it took. And of course they had to fall into the hands of traders who knew their business, knew enough to inject them with the antidote that’d make stinging anything virtually useless. Silently, Mitra fumed. What had the old ones told them over and over again, when they were still small and buried under the hot desert sand? If they catch you, you’re dead. They will bring you into the big city and have you fight against each other in a life-or-death struggle until you die. There were no stories of escapees in their lore. If they caught you, you were dead.

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Oriental Kitsune [Raccoondoll Laetitia]

I’ve been told that I need to get a Raccoondoll pretty much since the company first popped up (cause mature minis + curvy bodies + boobs = my thing) but I kinda never had a reason to get one until I decided that’d be a smart idea (except not) to shell some secondary characters. The first idea was to get her in Sweet Mocha but then Raccoondoll released Dark Mocha and I am a fan of different tan shades (and Sweet Mocha is like Iple’s Real Skin and I already have a doll in this color) so Dark Mocha it was.

Much poetic. Such wow.

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Das verflixte siebte Jahr – Happy Birthday Rhys!

Because I adored the Birthday Post the Mouse made for her Jun, I figured it’d be nice to do it for Rhys too, because the guy turned fucking seven this year. SEVEN. Jesus, he is old, I am old, we are all old.

Rhys was my second doll whom I ordered whil I was still waiting on my first at the end of 2009 as Angelheim popped up as new company and had some sort of promo going on where you got the fullset of all their guys with both outfits (school uniform and fantasy outfit) as well as the extra parts with blushing and a face-up for cheap. Also he had hooves!

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Silmä and its continets

It goes like this – once upon a time, when the world was just a glint in the eye of the giant Melomenes, seven beings emerged from the dark. They were not fully formed yet; they were just there, like a particular unamusing thought which would not leave, no matter how hard the thinker tried. The giant tried to sweep his eye in a vain attempt to get rid of the thoughts but only succeeded in getting it loose, until it hung from his face only secured but the veins. In a fit of rage, the giant ripped it out fully and threw it away, where it floated in the vast darkness. Only then, the seven beings descended upon the floating eyeball and started to mold it in the image of the worlds they had seen flashing before the giant’s eyes.

Based on the creation legend, the world is named SILMÄ (‚eye‘ in Finnish) and is split into the following five continets:

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