Angrboda is a practical woman. When it becomes clear that she is with child she marches up to her father and announces her intent to carry it to term, to give him the grandchild he’d been nagging her for ages. She also makes it clear that she has no intention of caring for it till it becomes an adult. They strike a bargain – she raises the child until it’s three, for those precarious years where ideas can be easily implanted in a mind that’s not fully formed yet and then she is free to do as she wishes.

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Excuse the great title. Anyway, on my agenda for my vacation was to make walls for the diorama. On a zero budget cause you know, Christmas is coming. Fortunately my old wardrobe had very nice MDF backing I was able to use as a base and then I found some old wooden sticks I used as uh, whatever the correct architectural term is.

Cheated a lot when building it tho – E6000 glue glues everything. Including your fingers. There is probably a special place in hell reserved for those of us who do wood work with the wrong glue but while my late grandpa had been hoarding everything, wood glue (that was not dried up) was not under these things.

I added a cobweb in the left corner cause it seemed like a good idea at the time. No spider tho, I’d forget I put it there and freak-out cause SPIDER NOPE NOPE.

The next things on my agenda is to finally fill the curio cabinet. And a lovely friend is knitting me a horrifyingly looking throw blanket like Pazuzu would have knitted, bless her heart.

Ldoll 2016

Also known as „that one roadtrip to France that was planned since 2014“ because I think the first talk of us all going to LDoll together emerged after Ldoll 2014 which was way too much fun and needed to be repeated. As LDoll skipped 2015 we all focused on this year. A big THANK YOU needs to go out to Santana/Sharkyra and Mimi for organizing this, especially the transportation! A+, would ride the bus from hell again with you!

To make it nicer, this entry will first showcase the pictures (which are not the full con! I am missing proper pics of the last four rows as by then we had to rush back to relieve poor Choco from booth watching duty… that and I am a shit phtographer when it comes to documenting, sorry) and then include my babbling.

My booth. First time doing it so excuse the less than professional McGyver thing I did.

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The drama continues: a diorama update

The left side of my diorama had felt a bit empty with only the white shabby chic-esque trunk and since I just couldn’t find a nice arker trunk in a style I wanted, I started to look at other options. My first try was a fireplace that I foolishly tried to make myself based on this fireplace.

Lol yeah no. There was an attempt, gold star for that but no. Unfortunately my usual MO in terms of new furniture got me no fireplace (but instead the urge to make an old style kitchen complete with iron stove) so I turned to other options. I then settled on getting a ‚Buffetschrank‘ – I don’t think there is a specific term for this in English? Basically in German it is a term for a shelf unit that is mainly used to store / display your dishes. What I went for is a more spartan option without any fancy glass doors and stuff, just simple wood and shelves which ended up being a good choice. The first version of this thing actually displayed my pewter teasets known from this entry. I quickly came to the realisation that this just would not do as it looked so off with the other stuff in the study so I began to ponder about other options.

This actually got me to think of Stephanus as a character as he is – besides being a god, hellbent on world domination, a loving father and prolly a bit nuts – first and foremost a scientist with an urge to know and to understand everything. So when I think of his study / lab, I think of the space of someone who has a lot of clutter from researching everything at once, a lot of books and other stuff and all ingridents you might need within reach of at least one surface used for essentially research itself.

So then I just killed my curio cabinet and moved all stuff into the new shelf unit, lol.

I am mildly in love with how natural it looks and how lived in!

The downsides are now that I had to switch the phonograph with the curio cabinet for spaces sake and the curio cabinet is now super empty and I have no real idea what to put in it. Same goes for the top of the desk as I stole a lot of things from that place as well.

So the next step will be to fill the void of those things – I have a few ideas!

I fucking love pewter

I am kinda sorry that those prop posts of mine are just showcasing because I can’t just link you all to sources where to but it from since 90% of my collection is in fact ‚old‘ stock. Or you know, antique. So it is mostly relentless eBay hunting I can give as advice. That and showing off the pretty.

There had been the plan to write this entry a while back but my laziness got in the way. I am sorry. This will be even less helpful than usual as well as I can’t even tell you from which era the stuff is this time – basically pewter miniatures for Puppenstuben were used all the way up to at least the 70s of last century and started in like 19th century? Don’t quote me, I just know one thing:

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A diorama drama

Let me preface this entry by saying that I fucking love doll dioramas and my envy and admiration for people doing dioramas knows no bounds. One of my total idols in terms of dioramas are Danielle VitaPlastica, Real Dolls of Plastic Wood and Seiji/Zirkussoldat who has the cutest set-ups for her dolls.

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How to navigate the character profiles

Just to give a quick overview how to navigate the pages – on top of the website you have four tabs of which only one is interesting when you are here to learn more about my characters: „the wrong side – main storyline“. If you click on that, it takes you to a quick overview of Silmä, the world everything is happening in.

If you hover about it, it folds out into sub-categories of the main races.
You can either click on those to get to a page giving a quick overview over the races itself or hover over it again to have it fold out into the different characters filed under their races.

In Pazuzu’s case, all her children are listed as subcategories under her name and in case of Theodore, he is a subcategory to Wulfric.