Das verflixte siebte Jahr – Happy Birthday Rhys!

Because I adored the Birthday Post the Mouse made for her Jun, I figured it’d be nice to do it for Rhys too, because the guy turned fucking seven this year. SEVEN. Jesus, he is old, I am old, we are all old.

Rhys was my second doll whom I ordered whil I was still waiting on my first at the end of 2009 as Angelheim popped up as new company and had some sort of promo going on where you got the fullset of all their guys with both outfits (school uniform and fantasy outfit) as well as the extra parts with blushing and a face-up for cheap. Also he had hooves!

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That one random backlog entry

I just realised that with me actually taking more pictures than just the weekly ADAW ones, a lot of them won’t show up on my blog when I post the ADAW ones in bulk at the end of the year. So, random shots entries are a go!

Akira recently got his tattoos and pft, tattooed dolls are my weakness.

My aesthetics however are bearded dwarf ladies <3

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