K5 reduced [tw: character death, blood, injuries]

When I recently got rid of almost all my Minifees, it stemmed from the realisation that Minifees just were too flawless for my crew and not loved enough by me to work on them. I kept Kabira though (even tho everything in me told me to get rid of all and get a Dollmore Judith for the job) as the artist who did her faceup effectively stopped doing commissions and I am quite fond of it.
Of course I needed a plausible explanation why suddenly the K5 Unit was only one person but still referred to as K5 so… have some shit writing!

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

It had been, in a cruel twist of fate or just history’s all compassing desire to complete a full circle, Kekona’s idea.
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