Bird does Breslau

The past few days I was in Poland together with Aradolls to visit AyuAna who had kindly invited us over after we couldn’t attend LDoll 2018.

It is always funny to me to see how differently cities photograph and how differently I photograph cities. This entry again has pictures taken with my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

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Bird does Slovenia

I had the amazing opportunity to join my Dad to a quick trip to Slovenia. Our Slovenian rep had 25th anniversary where she hosted a two-day-congress in Portoroz and I tagged along.

This was also the first trip I didn’t bring my DSLR, instead all pictures were shot using my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

Random Austrian mountains which are only here cause they wre shot out of a moving car and for that the quality is *chef’s kiss*
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Prague – 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson, Inc. (H-D), or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903.

I’d also dare say it’s a way of life – I had been delighted when Dad finally got a Harley last year. And when he asked if I’d like to join in the 115th anniversary I was delighted!

Especially cause it turned out the H-D has a way nicer seat than his previous bike. So instead of ass cramps, only my legs are dead which is to be preferred.
Trip there and back took us around 6 hours each way, breaks aside so you can estimate why I value my behind’s continued usage.

The Venue

Hosted on the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds it was really a gorgeous space. And also so. Fucking. Peaceful!?
I’ve been to regular fairs with more agressions than the H-D anniversary. Everyone was just having a genuine good time and was friendly af.

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Ldoll 2016

Also known as „that one roadtrip to France that was planned since 2014“ because I think the first talk of us all going to LDoll together emerged after Ldoll 2014 which was way too much fun and needed to be repeated. As LDoll skipped 2015 we all focused on this year. A big THANK YOU needs to go out to Santana/Sharkyra and Mimi for organizing this, especially the transportation! A+, would ride the bus from hell again with you!

To make it nicer, this entry will first showcase the pictures (which are not the full con! I am missing proper pics of the last four rows as by then we had to rush back to relieve poor Choco from booth watching duty… that and I am a shit phtographer when it comes to documenting, sorry) and then include my babbling.

My booth. First time doing it so excuse the less than professional McGyver thing I did.

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Remnants of China

People who followed my blog since I went live this year might remember my China trip and the slightly LSD infused yearly conference we found us in where Dad, his boss and me performed a heart-wrenching (lol) rendition of ‚Eine Seefahrt die ist lustig‚ to the amusement of around 200 Chinese people. Fun times (no really!).

It just occured to me that I never shared the picture my Dad sent me that got taken of us three (I spare you the video that also exists and is on a fucking DVD of the conference which I sincerely hope is China-only – we were that bad):

(from left to right: F., Dad’s boss, my Dad and I)

It’s worth noting that we did not pick the background but uh, we are Bavarians so it was given I guess, esp. since 99,9% did not knew what we were singing about anyway. And yes, we are reading the text from our phones cause not even 24 hours are not enough to memorize the like 20? verses the version we picked got. We still won the public choice award and stuffed monkeys so shoo.

Speaking of China, I still miss the food. The Chinese food we get here isn’t cutting it close and also so incredible stuffing which food in China wasn’t. Am annoying everyone with my woeful mourning whenever we eat Chinese, I am so sorry.

I really hope I can get back next year when the conference is, I mean I saw the two sights I wanted to see the most but there is so much more! Though to be fair, I am also looking into a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu which would be costlier cause I’d actually have to pay for shit (China ended up costing me 35 bucks in the end) but another point of my bucket list…

Verona Overnight

Two households, both alike in dignity,
in fair Verona, where we lay our scene

Considering where we went to, I had to use that quote /ahem

Anyway, this year is apparently the year of international travels which is hilarious because I do not really travel outside Germany most of the time… and this year I had China, now Italy and in October France! It actually grew from an offhand comment made by my Mom about how she’d like to repeat the Verona trip she did years and years ago and somehow it ended with Mom, Le Bro and me booking the tickets… and here we are.

Mercifully we agreed to book a taxi to go to the bus terminal cause otherwise it’d have meant leaving at 4am due to the trains only operating on a 40 minutes cycle before 6am. And the bus left at 6am so you see the problem. Unfortunately we kinda spaced on the fact that the smmer vacation started this very Saturday so instead of arriving at 12pm, we arrived at 3pm OTL

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China Trip Feb./March 2016 – Day 5 & Flight

As of yesterday, I am back at home – the flight from Beijin to Helsinki took eight hours this time, six of which the fucking spawn of Satan we had the misfortune to travel with screamed its head off (I do not understand why people think international flights with little babies are a good idea).

On the plus side, I finally watched ‚The Martian‘ and rewatched ‚The man from U.N.C.L.E.‘ with Dad. I also took some pictures out of the plane window for reasons:

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China Trip Feb./March 2016 – Day 4

[In which I climb the great wall without dying and meet a cat on top]

At the risk of sounding like everyone who wrote about it ever – pictures can not convey how great the Great Wall truly is. Or how fucking steep (55 degrees in some cases both up and down) which is why I will ask anyone attempting to walk it for a longer while to assess his or her condition, both mental and physical. It is incredible strenuous to walk the damn thing and mid-way my legs were jelly and I have no clue how I managed to walk all of it without just collapsing forever and asking everyone to leave me to die. And I am 100 % sure that without having lost a good 15kg between now and October last year as well as boosting up my overall condition, I would not have made it.

We visited Badaling which according to is „the best-preserved and most completed section“ and „compared with other sections, most stairs are not very steep and equipped with handrails, so it is relatively easier for a climbing“. TO THE LATTER I CALL BULLSHIT, the space between the stairs is either too narrow or too wide so annoying to climb, the handrails are rather low and not steep? If a 55 degree angle is not steep, I dread to imagine what’d fit the description.
We used the North Route which took us the three hours quoted so at least we made good time?

(While I was slowly dying, my father was hopping around the slopes like some demented ibex on speed – dude has toomuch energy!)

But enough of the babbling, pictures! You can totally see where I switched from taking scenic shots to document just how fucking steep the shit was.

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China Trip Feb./March 2016 – Day 3

[In which there is finally picture spam]

I have a theory: Beijing swallows up all foreigners upon entering and spits them out on the tourist hotspots. Why I think so? Cause today during our tour through the Forbidden City was the first time I saw other obvious tourists. But as soon as we were out again? Zip zilch nada.

But first things first – this time I do have breakfast pics!

Today was the same as yesterday just instead of greenery we had a sausage and a soft bun with red beans. We also got up at an unholy hour again cause we needed to drop Dad’s boss off at the airport, switch hotels and then make our way to the Forbidden City.

But oh my god, that is one epic place – for the doll people, this is how I imagine the palace of Khaled’s father. This is also just a small part of what I photographed but uh, did not want to spam overly much.

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China Trip Feb./March 2016 – Day 2

{In which I defy military law, find a bakery and win a monkey with siging in German in front of 200 Chinese people]

Six in the morning is an unholy time to get up especially after the night was cut a bit short by waking up in the night by noises, getting up and seeing that our hotel room door – which I close for sure – was slightly ajar. I ended up sweeping the the whole room before I was comfortable getting back in bed.

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