The Great Purge (aka doll year 2019)

Not copying my wall of text from 2018 cause it was so much and I totally tanked it lmao

The dolls in 2019

I didn’t expect this year to go as it did. Expected a few less dolls due to THE CAR but not a sharp realization that some characters are better off in writing only and such a huge declutter… there’s a more angry and rant-y version of this text in the vault but we go with nice. And the summary that 2019 in hobby terms sucked a lot of balls but at the same time, I got to experience a lot of wonderful things so idk.

At least I had money for the first time in my working life lmao

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Drink up me hearties yo ho (The dolls in 2018)

For kicks, my plan for 2018 from last year:

Plans for 2018:
Reineke – SheCow Kit
??? – Otherside Dione
??? – Magic Mirror Levon
??? – Dollsbe Event face (that old guy)

I will definitely be ordering Kit once his preorder pops up – otherwise I want more ‘unusual’ faces. Give me all the weirdo heads, you can have my Minifees lol. Like don’t get me wrong, MNFs are cool but I want something grittier, not flawless perfection but… yeah.

Then I want a 50mm prime lens (my 35mm is a bit too wide for my smol dolls and my kit lens is well, a kit lens). But other than that? I am pretty darn content*.

*see me in a few days once 2018 telling that lol no

Oh wait, more clothes. But I guess that is given with me?

The dolls in 2018

What actually got done below.

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Be the change you want to see

Back in ye olde days when I was just starting with BJDs, my goal were pretty and cute dolls. Dolls that’d make you go DAWW. Dolls like

Phineas (DZ Hal) and Phyllis (DiM Laia) for example.

Then I wanted pretty but badass, like

Prudence (Fairyland MNF Marcia)

And then I had an identity crisis and had to stop doing BJD stuff for like two years and concentrate on Blythes cause nothing brought me satisfaction.
Don’t get me wrong, they were all fabulous in their own rights but at the same time… boring in their perfection.

It’s only been since 2016 that I feel that I have actually started to figure out what I want to see in my crew.

I still want perfection

Pazuzu (Iplehouse Violet)

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That’s not sinning, that’s downright hell (The dolls in 2017)

For kicks, my plan for 2017 from last year:

Clothes. So many clothes. And props! Moar props, moar! And then more space /cries

On the doll list we have:

Tyr – Unoa Zest (Fantasy Cowboy)

Kemal – Volks YoMidi Williams

??? – Otherside Oddity

??? – Otherside Dione

??? – Magic Mirror Levon

I might let get of my Serenadedoll Ava and try to sell the Iplehouse Ryan again (if I can get a smol Williams to see how they’d compare) but that is all a bit in the air cause I fucking hate selling (tho if you want either, hit me up lol).

The dolls in 2017

What actually got done below.

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Forgive me for I have sinned (also known as „The dolls in 2016“)

For those who don’t know me from LJ, I traditionally post my doll year at the end of the year and I am posting NOW because fuck it. I will NOT buy anymore dolls in 2017 to make this redundant. I will just not (it is only six more days, you can do it birb!).

For kicks, my plan for 2016 from last year:

There had been a detailed post about it here already but I modified it a bit insofar that I want to get everyone at least one formal and one fighting outfit, get more furniture and jewelry and finally work on my poor Volks Ian, provided I get her back anytime soon (got the go ahead from my co-owner to go wild and just tell her if she needs to chip in some money so yisss).

What actually got done:

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How to navigate the character profiles

Just to give a quick overview how to navigate the pages – on top of the website you have four tabs of which only one is interesting when you are here to learn more about my characters: „the wrong side – main storyline“. If you click on that, it takes you to a quick overview of Silmä, the world everything is happening in.

If you hover about it, it folds out into sub-categories of the main races.
You can either click on those to get to a page giving a quick overview over the races itself or hover over it again to have it fold out into the different characters filed under their races.

In Pazuzu’s case, all her children are listed as subcategories under her name and in case of Theodore, he is a subcategory to Wulfric.

That one random backlog entry

I just realised that with me actually taking more pictures than just the weekly ADAW ones, a lot of them won’t show up on my blog when I post the ADAW ones in bulk at the end of the year. So, random shots entries are a go!

Akira recently got his tattoos and pft, tattooed dolls are my weakness.

My aesthetics however are bearded dwarf ladies <3

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