Never say never [Iplehouse JID Asa guy]

So a few weeks ago I had asked Iplehouse if I could get a JID Asa head on the boy body via CDS with the knowledge that the head might not fit perfectly fine. I was told that was not possible which okay, no biggie it was worth asking.

Fast forward at the end of March when I was on Iple’s website again to look at the new KID Paige and saw one of their auction dolls at the end of the site – a JID Asa dressed boyish. “Oh”, I thought: “let’s look if she maybe has a small bust so I could snatch her up, pad her a bit and pass her off as a dude!”. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a ‘real’ boy aka JID Asa girl head on JID boy body. You know, the same combo Iple told me was not possible (haha). In Real Skin which was my top choice for him to round the whole WTF-moment off.

Cue me stalking that auction like a mad because I sure as hell would not let that guy escape me (we will ignore the fact that I bidded myself up to 300 bucks right away cause Iple bidding system =/= eBay bidding system – clever I am not). But hey, I won! And he was even – despite my bidding mishap – cheaper than a regular NS JID so I am a content bird.

As usual the auction dolls have some faults – in my case it’s dust on the shoulder and sanding marks on the thighs. Not that I care, I tend not to get up close and personal with my macro lens to random body parts of my dolls unless those are clothed.

Guy arrived today and thanks to my Grandma fronting the custom fees I got to him handed over to unpack.

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