A curious curiosity

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my fascination with taxidermy in all its various forms? If not, I have a special place in my heart for stuffed animals, bones, dried specimen and other oddities and when the diorama project took off, I knew that I had to have all those things in there as well. Because it is a laboratory / study for a magical scientist and not having those things would be a shame.
My main issue with the diorama has always been that I want clutter, like a lived-in clutter that accumulates after centuries of usage of the same room. I can do clutter irl quite easily but with dolls I always find I strive to show everything clearly in a picture which is not possible with the sort of clutter I want to achieve. So uh, constant fight against my inner self here xD

But I guess I have figured it out now?

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Crafty is what crafty does

Back in the days I used to think I was a crafty and artistic person. Only to realize that no, I am not. And I am better off paying the really crafty peeps to do what I want for my dolls or I will suffer from my mediocre attempts.

Though sometimes the craft bug catches me and then I buy supplies and am in high spirits – until I try and fail cause I have no patience.

However I did manage to produce at least one snowshoe!

This is bad and you should feel bad
– Ælfnod

Though it might stay an only child while I pay a professional to do it properly, ahem.