Silmä and its continets

It goes like this – once upon a time, when the world was just a glint in the eye of the giant Melomenes, seven beings emerged from the dark. They were not fully formed yet; they were just there, like a particular unamusing thought which would not leave, no matter how hard the thinker tried. The giant tried to sweep his eye in a vain attempt to get rid of the thoughts but only succeeded in getting it loose, until it hung from his face only secured but the veins. In a fit of rage, the giant ripped it out fully and threw it away, where it floated in the vast darkness. Only then, the seven beings descended upon the floating eyeball and started to mold it in the image of the worlds they had seen flashing before the giant’s eyes.

Based on the creation legend, the world is named SILMÄ (‚eye‘ in Finnish) and is split into the following five continets:

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How to navigate the character profiles

Just to give a quick overview how to navigate the pages – on top of the website you have four tabs of which only one is interesting when you are here to learn more about my characters: „the wrong side – main storyline“. If you click on that, it takes you to a quick overview of Silmä, the world everything is happening in.

If you hover about it, it folds out into sub-categories of the main races.
You can either click on those to get to a page giving a quick overview over the races itself or hover over it again to have it fold out into the different characters filed under their races.

In Pazuzu’s case, all her children are listed as subcategories under her name and in case of Theodore, he is a subcategory to Wulfric.

Half year mark – how does it look like?

Bad for my wallet, that’s how. Following this post I do a quick look at how it all panned out so far (spoiler: I am good):


_ Pazuzu’s children:

As it stands, I have all of them already save Morgana Evanesca (cause finding a LTF Luna painted by Viridian House proves to be a PITA). And maybe I need to rebuy Nikita cause while I found the Nanuri 2013 for them that has yet to show up 1 1/2 months after being shipped so…). Other than that, Nightingale switched from Chiwoo Elf to Juri 2013, Lucrezia from Chloe to Halloween 2014, Angelo (now named Alyosha) from Pipi to Sarang Love 2014 and Iwalani from Ante to Soony Elf.

_ The K5:

I got all heads (with slight chances to the overall plans, most importantly kicking out Risse and getting a Sarang Dreaming Elf). All are also already booked for face-ups, save the Lishe SP cause she needs to get modded first.

_ Grisha switched from Souldoll Lester to Granado Terra

_ Jeromé is on hold till I can get the Ryan sold and replace him with a YoMidi Williams

_ Twigling did release her Minigenue who is now not a centaur (cause I sold the Yul Satyresse body) and is Nubia, Goddess of War. Also already booked for aesthetic works.

_ Grendel got her Cerisedoll classic body.

_ I got the oriental bench for Khaled. As well as a huge chair in black leather, a curio cabinet, floor pillows, an Asian cabinet and a wash stand. Going strong!

_ I have no clue who needs wigs anymore.

_ Face-ups are mostl taken care of.

_ Weapons are still a sore spot.

_ IKEA is in two weeks! Then I’ll prolly finally post a room tour xD

_ Considering that I did a huge af trade with Nezu recently the clothes problem is solved. I also got two gorgeous AyuAna dresses, some smaller commissioned things and am waiting on a sweet pepperonipizza commission for Ælfnod.


_ They got the boot so all of my list for them is void.


_ Ehr yeah, I did a spontaneous upgrade from A200 to A500 but I still want the A900. Prolly for Christmas.

_ I am doing ADAW as usual.



I dare say, I am doing good so far?

A (doll) plan for next year

As it is nearly December, I think I can set up a more en detail plan of what I’d like to accomplish in 2016. And then update it throughout the year so that I can have a nice and tidy progress report in December 2016.


_ I reference to this huge graphic of Pazuzu and her children I now accepted my fate that I will never be able to not have them in dollform. Especially not now that I have grandchild no. 1 aka Theodore. HOWEVER I will try to not buy them all as MSDs cause dear god, the space that’d take. But I figured, hey, why not buy them as Littlefees and have them all share a body (together with Theodore, Harbinger and bb!Kimete)? Faceplates are easy to store! Plus, apart from the twins, no one of her children were little when the others were born but were already adults. Solely for the twins I’d need a second body to be able to take pics of them together but eh, works.
Plan is to acquire the following:

  • LTF Luna as Morgana Evanesca
  • LTF Lishe as Nikita
  • LTF Chiwoo Elf boy as Nightingale
  • LTF El as Wulff Wulfric
  • LTF Chloe as Lucrezia
  • LTF Pipi as Angelo
  • LTF Ante as Iwalani
  • LTF Shiwoo OE and sleeping as Lysander & Luciel

I also would like to find better names for „Angelo“ and „Nightingale“ (and maybe „Lucrezia“). Most recently I switched Wulff to Wulfric and I really prefer that (Luciel & Lysander used to be Lucifer & Loki and Iwalani was Iruka and dear go no). And then decide if Nikita is male or female. Or just genderfluid cause fml I can’t decide (s/he was both already).

_ Tackle the K5! Finally decided on which heads I’ll need:

  • MNF Dark Elf Soo as Kekona
  • MNF Risse as Kahawia
  • MNF Sleeping Lishe Mod. as Kaliyanei
  • MNF Siean Elf as Khadija

Kabira is already with me as a D.Marcia.

_ Find a Souldoll Vito Lester to replace my Iplehouse Ryan head as Grisha

_ Get a LUTS Youth in Dark Warrior body with the wings to make said Ryan head into Jeromé

_ Hope for Twigling to release her MSDs to use one as the human part for my Yul Satyresse centaur body. Find a name for her.

_ Acquire a Cerisedoll classic body for Grendel.

_ Furniture. Not much cause space issues but an oriental bench for Khaled (found a gorgeous one which is 200 bucks which explains why I don’t have it yet) and I want a simple throne-thingie for Pazuzu.

_ Wigs for everyone who needs them (means Alpaca or Angora).

_ Face-ups for the outstanding guys (most importantly poor Harbinger)

_ Get everyone’s weapons finary.

_ Buy four of the IKEA MALM dressers to go under my cabinets. Plan is to store the doll clothes under their respective cabinets and use the dresser under the Blythe cabinet to store loose doll parts (the Blythes have an etra huge drawer for their clothes, they have more as they are not restricted to commissions only).

_ CLOTHES SO MANY CLOTHES. I’ll just import Nezumitoo to Germany kay?


_ Finish the two dioramas.

_ Decide if I want to keep the big dollhouse or not or if I want to replace it with that adorable other house I’ve been lusting after.

_ Try to see if a Vinter Arden, a Miss Retro Mama, a PD Ebony, a PD Ginger and a Star Dancer can be acquired for cheaps.


_ Upgrade my camera. Or not. No clue, I am strangely attached to my dinosaur and I finally feel as if I am finally getting the hang of this photography business.

_ Do ADAW again.



…my Blythes will be so neglected in 2016.