K5 reduced [tw: character death, blood, injuries]

When I recently got rid of almost all my Minifees, it stemmed from the realisation that Minifees just were too flawless for my crew and not loved enough by me to work on them. I kept Kabira though (even tho everything in me told me to get rid of all and get a Dollmore Judith for the job) as the artist who did her faceup effectively stopped doing commissions and I am quite fond of it.
Of course I needed a plausible explanation why suddenly the K5 Unit was only one person but still referred to as K5 so… have some shit writing!

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

It had been, in a cruel twist of fate or just history’s all compassing desire to complete a full circle, Kekona’s idea.
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Be the change you want to see

Back in ye olde days when I was just starting with BJDs, my goal were pretty and cute dolls. Dolls that’d make you go DAWW. Dolls like

Phineas (DZ Hal) and Phyllis (DiM Laia) for example.

Then I wanted pretty but badass, like

Prudence (Fairyland MNF Marcia)

And then I had an identity crisis and had to stop doing BJD stuff for like two years and concentrate on Blythes cause nothing brought me satisfaction.
Don’t get me wrong, they were all fabulous in their own rights but at the same time… boring in their perfection.

It’s only been since 2016 that I feel that I have actually started to figure out what I want to see in my crew.

I still want perfection

Pazuzu (Iplehouse Violet)

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The tale of Khaled (Chapters 3 to 5)

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

Chapter 3 – In which a child regrets all decisions that have led to its conception and everything afterwards

Under the cities built after the war was Moscaw, which was built next to the ocean and within sight of the huge desert and its tribes. Ruled with iron hand by High King Arundel, who, to ensure the loyalty of the desert tribes, had wed Keybanu, the chieftain’s daughter, who soon gave birth to a boy – Khaled. His father was ecstatic to be granted an heir so soon after marriage and the festivities to commemorate his birth lasted seven days and seven nights and the child was showered in gifts from near and far.
It however soon became clear, as the boy got older, that he was much too soft spoken and kind to follow in his father’s ruthless footsteps.
Arundel did not take kindly to failures so the boy soon had himself cast away, ushered into the arms of nannies and teachers, often not seeing his father for months on end. He however found an unlike friend in Akira, head of the palace guards, who took the boy under his wings.

It came the day that Arundel called Khaled into his study to announce to the young man that he intended to marry him off to Varekai, one of his most loyal officers, as a reward for his services to the crown. “And you shall be a dutiful husband to him”, the High King spoke: “For I promised him exactly that”
Khaled had never been someone to go against his father’s wishes, as much as he usually despised them, so he just inclined his head and accepted his fate.

Khaled met his future husband for the first time when Varekai and his half-brother Rajko came back from patrol. It was obvious even to the untrained eye that Varekai and Rajko were brothers. They looked eerily similar, so much that people often mistook them for twins but they weren’t – born to the same father but different mothers, Varekai was the legitimate heir and Rajko, being the son of a hand-maiden, was raised to be Varekai’s loyal shadow, to give his life – if necessary – to protect the heir.

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ADAW 2017

I honestly was not sure if I’d manage to complete this year’s ADAW as the three-months-I-don’t-speak-of well, killed off three goddamn months and had longer lasting effects than anticipated. But hell, I managed! In a soul crunching, picture taking way but who’s counting lol

And next year I will title the flickr pics like clickbait headlines. Just watch me!

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That’s not sinning, that’s downright hell (The dolls in 2017)

For kicks, my plan for 2017 from last year:

Clothes. So many clothes. And props! Moar props, moar! And then more space /cries

On the doll list we have:

Tyr – Unoa Zest (Fantasy Cowboy)

Kemal – Volks YoMidi Williams

??? – Otherside Oddity

??? – Otherside Dione

??? – Magic Mirror Levon

I might let get of my Serenadedoll Ava and try to sell the Iplehouse Ryan again (if I can get a smol Williams to see how they’d compare) but that is all a bit in the air cause I fucking hate selling (tho if you want either, hit me up lol).

The dolls in 2017

What actually got done below.

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