Half year mark – how does it look like?

Bad for my wallet, that’s how. Following this post I do a quick look at how it all panned out so far (spoiler: I am good):


_ Pazuzu’s children:

As it stands, I have all of them already save Morgana Evanesca (cause finding a LTF Luna painted by Viridian House proves to be a PITA). And maybe I need to rebuy Nikita cause while I found the Nanuri 2013 for them that has yet to show up 1 1/2 months after being shipped so…). Other than that, Nightingale switched from Chiwoo Elf to Juri 2013, Lucrezia from Chloe to Halloween 2014, Angelo (now named Alyosha) from Pipi to Sarang Love 2014 and Iwalani from Ante to Soony Elf.

_ The K5:

I got all heads (with slight chances to the overall plans, most importantly kicking out Risse and getting a Sarang Dreaming Elf). All are also already booked for face-ups, save the Lishe SP cause she needs to get modded first.

_ Grisha switched from Souldoll Lester to Granado Terra

_ Jeromé is on hold till I can get the Ryan sold and replace him with a YoMidi Williams

_ Twigling did release her Minigenue who is now not a centaur (cause I sold the Yul Satyresse body) and is Nubia, Goddess of War. Also already booked for aesthetic works.

_ Grendel got her Cerisedoll classic body.

_ I got the oriental bench for Khaled. As well as a huge chair in black leather, a curio cabinet, floor pillows, an Asian cabinet and a wash stand. Going strong!

_ I have no clue who needs wigs anymore.

_ Face-ups are mostl taken care of.

_ Weapons are still a sore spot.

_ IKEA is in two weeks! Then I’ll prolly finally post a room tour xD

_ Considering that I did a huge af trade with Nezu recently the clothes problem is solved. I also got two gorgeous AyuAna dresses, some smaller commissioned things and am waiting on a sweet pepperonipizza commission for Ælfnod.


_ They got the boot so all of my list for them is void.


_ Ehr yeah, I did a spontaneous upgrade from A200 to A500 but I still want the A900. Prolly for Christmas.

_ I am doing ADAW as usual.



I dare say, I am doing good so far?