Crafting away!

Oh look, I am actually crafty again! Has to be a new personal record…

First I made a candle out of real wax for the base body and some weird 3D appliation pen for the drippy parts for my American Girl candle holder

Then I McGyvered a shield out of cow hide (okay, that was a dollhouse carpet once of fake cow hide), a MDF base and some strategically placed rattan.

After that I really got cracking and made a bunch of papers for my desk (those are old papers from the late 19th century I was hoarding) and did a cork lining. The envelopes are bought and the seals were done by a lovely fellow hobbyist.

Last but not least I spray-painted the cone of my American Girl phonograph bronze cause the NEON PINK it was was horrendous.

I am beginning to remember how much I actually liked crafting and I do hope my urge to do so will stay on that new high!

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