Verona Overnight

Two households, both alike in dignity,
in fair Verona, where we lay our scene

Considering where we went to, I had to use that quote /ahem

Anyway, this year is apparently the year of international travels which is hilarious because I do not really travel outside Germany most of the time… and this year I had China, now Italy and in October France! It actually grew from an offhand comment made by my Mom about how she’d like to repeat the Verona trip she did years and years ago and somehow it ended with Mom, Le Bro and me booking the tickets… and here we are.

Mercifully we agreed to book a taxi to go to the bus terminal cause otherwise it’d have meant leaving at 4am due to the trains only operating on a 40 minutes cycle before 6am. And the bus left at 6am so you see the problem. Unfortunately we kinda spaced on the fact that the smmer vacation started this very Saturday so instead of arriving at 12pm, we arrived at 3pm OTL

Pizza of course!

Of course you don’t go to Verona and do not visit the balcony of Juliet! Even though that thing is very uh anticlimatic.

Of course tons of those hung at every avaiable surface within direct vicinity of the balcony. Like guys, you do remember how ‚Romeo and Juliet‘ panned out, right?

Verona itself is truly gorgeous, all those houses and the small whimsical add-ons they had! The main shopping street even has a damn marble floor. And a Disney store. Very nearly bought a Kylo Ren Tsum Tsum.

Those dudes were right in front of the arena for reasons unknown.

The stage for ‚La Traviata‘ was imo very lovely – those frames were movable!

Those urns were right behind the stage on the steps and spewed gold glitter at the climax.

‚La Traviata‘ is not an opera I know very well, that’s Carmen, but the play was lovely, very well sung – and I have a new favourite piece: Coro di zingarelle e mattadori

Sadly not everything was sunshine and daisies, the organisation sucked balls. They stuck two seperate busses together which rendered all seat reservations null and void and as the damn bus parked not where it was supposed to park we got on it at some of the last so getting a seat was annoying to say the least. The driver also di not proper announcements, we had no clue when (if) we’d get the opera tickets or other stuff. And on the way home he managed to park at probably the only motorway station that was totally closed (no toilets like no).

Other than that and the wretched heat (moved a step and sweat like a pig) it was a lovely trip that was worth the fact that I am now slinking off to bed and die XD