A diorama drama

Let me preface this entry by saying that I fucking love doll dioramas and my envy and admiration for people doing dioramas knows no bounds. One of my total idols in terms of dioramas are Danielle VitaPlastica, Real Dolls of Plastic Wood and Seiji/Zirkussoldat who has the cutest set-ups for her dolls.

When I got into Blythes I – for the very first time – had the opportunity to dabble in dioramas.

And I dare say the one I managed to finish to my satisfaction turned out beautifully. But ultiately, I wanted one diorama for my BJDs – which is a bit tricky as I have a fantasy world and setting for them. But a girl can dream… and dream I did during which I made small dioramas in my cabinets until I one day got bored and set up a small fake!diorama in front of my door with the stuff I had avaiable:

And boy did that ignite my lust for a diorama again! Since this year I had been prop hunting on eBay and other venues (and blogging about it) which came in handy when I reorganized my dresser today and realised oh shit, I had the perfect set-up right here, just waiting to be made use of!

So I started to get on it… ultimately resulting in the following set-up after a mere two hours!

The set-up that started it all got a bit more refined:

And I added a nook with the amazing leather chair I own (god do I love that chair!) and the AG phonograph which in a set-up looks less humongous

The desk has always been one of my favourite props, and I finally feel I got enough tidbits to make it look lived in

Tidbits on top

Here’s the phonograph in a close-up with the vinyls I McGyvered

This pewter teaset has been a recent addition – it has two more cups, three more plates, a sugar dose and a milk cup but I only had this small table. The pipe is a salesman sample.

My AG paint box with my random pumpkin cause hey! It’s the 2nd day of Halloween right?

The shelf without an elf. Upper row are mostly Wheaton bottles, lower is from that awesome set of bottles I picked up on eBay

The curio cabinet is another fav, even if I had to steal some bottles for the shelf

That tapestry… I had searched high and low for one until I found this one. And so far I haven’t seen any similiar sized ones or I’d have a bunch already!

Overall I am very happy how that turned out, even though I had to leave out some pieces I wanted to include as I just ran out of furniture pieces. The wall is also obviously a weak point but it was past 8pm when I started and we don’t have anything to use as proper wallpaper here – but when I refine it!

6 thoughts on “A diorama drama

  1. the tapestries are easy to make and I have done them before both the quick and easy lie this of cutting the picture out of a material piece then mounting it and the actual embroidery. You should be able to scour vintage fabrics to find the perfect old scenes! God luck and love it all! [the chair is a minstay I didn’t notice in the first picture as he was in it, lol]

    1. Haha, the issue with that is that I can’t sew worth shit xD I can fudge together some things but sewing is totally out or this’d be an awesome idea! <3

    1. The pelts were kinda a last minute addition cause I hated how the dresser looked so bare as a floor xD

      And yes, do! I’d love to see it 😀

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