American Girl furniture and BJDs

According to Wikipedia:

„American Girl is an American line of 18-inch (46 cm) dolls released in 1986 by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities. They are sold with accompanying books told from the viewpoint of the girls. Originally the stories focused on various periods of American history, but were expanded in 1995 to include characters and stories from contemporary life.“

I think the AG furniture has been long used for BJDs as the size can work nicely for both MSDs and SDs, depending on the individual items. I’ve had always wanted AG stuff since I got in the hobby but only recently started focusing on acquiring props. Sadly having a fantasy based crew means that I will never have a reasons to get my favourite items like Julie’s Egg Chair or the Apple Macintosh computer.

However I do have some items I can do a small review on as promised in my last post a good while ago… I am a very lazy blogger and I know it.

My helpers for this blog are Kimete (Fairyland Chicline Ruru) as he is pretty close to a MNF size wise and I think the majority of the people in the hobby know how a MNF is sized and Nadéshda (Elfdoll Sooah/Zaoll hybrid) for when I feel the need to explain why I don’t think a particular AG item is true 1/4 scale. She is only 52cm tall but her hands have regular SD size (and apart from her we don’t have a ‚proper‘ SD here in the house).

Kit’s typewriter from Kit’s Typewriter Set

The typewriter is a thing of beauty what’s with everything that moves – as I am too lazy to make my own video, I am linking an unboxing video that shows its moveable parts. As well as the „DING!“ at the end which tbh made me squee the most /ahem

Size wise I say it does work for 1/4 scale as typewriters are damn huge things.

Kit’s camera from Kit’s Reporter Accessories

I adore the fact that you can open it up like a real one!

IMO it fits well for 1/4 scale.

Samantha’s paint box from Samantha’s Painting Set

I got a cheap one lacking some tubes off eBay to test the size – I think it fits / looks better with / for SDs as seen below:

Though I think it could work as a background accessory in a bigger diorama as long as you do not have the doll too close to it.

Baby Grand piano

There are already some basic shots in this entry though I am including some new ones, mainly the biggest issue – the seat. As an AG doll can’t bed her knees, sitting means the legs splay outward as they get moved into a ’sitting position‘. Therefore chairs don’t require much height which is an issue when using the seat for BJDs. Outstretched legs work best, though that means you might need to balance the doll on the piano or it slips and falls.

The Chicline is closer to a sitting position than my Dollshe Fashion guy was, he really sat super awkwardly when the pic below was shot:

It technically has a black rod to prop it open which wasn’t included when I bought mine – in the picture above I had a Blythe stand holding it open and shooped it out. Need to get a replacement rod.

Another issue is the plastic itself, the first time opening the lid, the plastic nubs snapped. Which according to the reviews on the piano on the AG site isn’t uncommon apparently.

Overall I think the price tag of $ 150 on the AG site is overpriced, the introduction price of $ 80 was much more reasonable. I got mine for $ 50 + shipping and for that the thing was an amazing investment and is an epic prop.

Rebecca’s phonograph from Rebecca’s Phonograph Set

As you can see mine has the cone spray-painted bronze. Cranberry my ass, that thing was an eyesoring pink it had to go!

It is also imo way too big for MSD to portray a table phonograph – I just pretend mine’s a huge contraption that belongs on the floor.

Like HUGE.

Even the included vinyl is huge XD Though to be fair, AG dolls have shovel hands so it prolly fits them perfectly.

One of the big downside of AG stuff is the fact that the prices on the secondhand market are fucking crazy. Hell, even for items still avaiable in the store the eBay mark-up prices make me balk. As a non-American the AG store is out (they don’t ship outside America / Canada as Aur corrected me in the comments, they do ship worldwide but you need to call the store) and I am therefor confined to eBay. You can get good deals, it just requires regular stalking and callous haggling. I also learned to appreciate eBay Global Shipping Program for the bulkier items as their shipping is more reasonable due to a lot of items being shipped together. Like I don’t want to know how much shipping it’d have been for the piano outside of the GSP.

All in all I quite adore my AG items and think they do make fabulous additions for pictures! Do you have AG furniture or have an eye on a specific piece?

4 thoughts on “American Girl furniture and BJDs

  1. This is really helpful! You have a lot of amazing props, to be honest!! I loved the piano, and the little camera too 😀
    Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I’d written off the phonograph but seeing it painted, wow, it looks amazing. And the painting set… oh I regret seeing these photos! I was trying hard not to want it, haha.

    I also wanted to correct one thing. AG actually ships worldwide but you have to call to place your order. Their systems are really outdated. Although the shipping is totally outrageous of course. Even within the US its unnecessarily expensive. eBay is probably still your best bet if you’re not in/don’t have friends in USA/Canada/Mexico.

    1. Painting it really helps to offset the uh… interesting color choice that thing has originally!

      And whoa! I did not knew that so thanks for clarifying! Though I don’t wanna know what phone charges that’d occur if I call them for Germany.

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