A box of chocolate [Twigling Minigenue]

I’ve always loved Twigling’s dolls and their aesthetics but they had one bid downside – their height! After six failed attempts at SDs I had resigned to my fate and tried for years to convince my Mom she needed one (she agreed, but I’d have to buy her xD). So no Twigling for me… but! I think last year Twigling was hinting at Ingenue becoming a MSD! So I started to stalk her Facebook and when the Early Bird orders started to open in January / February I jumped on it asap cause cheaper price, six months layaway, free worldwide shipping AND an extra surprise? Who wouldn’t have done the same.

Actually I had ordered her in Dark Tan but when the first resin cast pics got posted I fell in love with Ebony and was allowed to switch – hilariously ending with me getting mine in the first batch now.

Excuse the the artsy looking pics, I was too lazy to switch my 100mm for my 35mm so I was a bit limited xD

She came bubblewrapped in a simple cardboard box with some fake straw (?) around which looked honestly cooler than some standard boxes I got from companies – she also has the prettiest CoA, artwork is by Korone/Winterdeer!

Next pics are not color-corrected and show her true color very well – it’s some tasty dark chocolate.

The dreaming faceplate was the extra gift for the Early Bird orders

I was so excited that her jointed foot was transfered onto her MSD version too, loving it!

She is a super solid stander and poser and such a heavy presence when you hold her, it is stunning <3

One mock-up of her sans face-up and tattoos – wig is tinybear, horns are Soom Ior with blushing by Ara, eyes are MakoEyes and the bracelets are in fact jewelry supplies.

She is already booked for a face-up and tattoos in the near future :3


Did a quick comparison with her and some dolls I had at hand

And some more!

8 thoughts on “A box of chocolate [Twigling Minigenue]

  1. She looks stunning, congrats on getting her!! I definitely did not know that Twingling had made mini sized dolls, that is amazing! Congrats again!
    And I agree with you on the size, SDs are just too big and heavy =S

    1. Her MSDs are totally worth getting if you like her overall aesthetics!

      And yay for another person suffering from the „At least 60% of the cool dolls in this hobby are too big for me“-syndrome /high five

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has sworn off SDs. I just find them intimidating and unwieldly. I’m getting a miningenue for all the reasons you mentinned and I’m super excited. Congratulations on your new girl!

    1. I am always glad to hear there are other people who are not SD-people so to speak xD My Mom still thinks I am mad for not liking the bigger dolls but that’s why I made her buy her own.

      Oh, which color are you getting yours in?

  3. Wonderful dark chocolate colour! 🙂 I hope mine will arrive tomorrow, can´t wait!

    I have the exactly same problem, loving these dolls but SD size is too much for me. Feeling really happy for being able to have the smaller size!

    1. Fingers crossed that your girl will make her way to you tomorrow! You’ll be so smitten with her!

      I am sometimes a bit sad I can’t deal with SDs but on the plus side, the smaller size of MSDs means one can have more of them in the same space 😉

  4. Her dark chocolate resin is so gorgeous, really excited to see her all painted! Also I didn’t even know they made a MSD size 😮 The SDs are gorgeous but so much resin XD I’m glad you were able to bring this lady home, she’s amazing! Congratulations! 😀

    1. The Minis weren’t really announced sadly, I mainly saw the preorder because you know, once she was mentioned as a possibility I started stalking her FB page cause MSD Ingenue yes plz

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