A blast from the past! [Volks Ian]

Okay this boxopening is actually from last year February (gosh so oooooold) but I want it over on my website too cause FFS, it’s a Volks Ian!

It all started when Ara sent me a message in our chat that more or less said „oh hey, there’s a Volks Ian on Mandarake“. Since I was at work at them time I genuinely couldn’t remember what the great deal with Ian was and was halfway through typing exactly that when she linked me the listing. Then it was half an hour of „I can’t exactly afford her nor do I have a character for this doll but this is a Volks Ian kit in pristine condition for 30.000 Yen oh my god“. Thankfully at the same time I was going through that song and dance my friend Khell experienced the same – so after thirty minutes of humming and hawwing, I PM’ed her on Facebook and went „Let’s share custody!“. And thus we suddenly found us owning a Volks Ian of all dolls. Waiting for her to arrive was something else, mainly because it was a bit hard to fathom that we indeed managed to get this doll. When I got into the hobby and found out about Ian I sincerely thought I’d never ever even see a glimpse of one, much less owning her myself!

But enough with the babbling, on to the pictures!

I spare you any box pictures before that but omg, Ian box!

The manual is adorable.

All the stuff!

When we unpacked her we realized, that all of her accessories were in fact still sealed in their original package. Whoa @@

And the main attraction! Disassembled doll limbs!

Her lil’ face <3

More doll limbs floating around!

Blurry pic is blurry, but those are her default 18mm eyes. It might be possible for her to wear 16mm ones I think. (EDIT: She is in fact wearing regular 14mm glass eyes in her pics at the bottom and those work just fine!)

We skipped a few steps (overexcited much? oh yes) – but here she is in all her default glory!

And two quick comparison pictures with Khell’s Volks Schulze.

If anyone wants some specific comparison pictures (or other pictures), just ask! She’s currently still at Khell’s so getting pictures is a bit difficult but we’ll gladly try our best, considering how rarely Ian is seen!

She has meanwhile become a pretty badass lady btw:

3 thoughts on “A blast from the past! [Volks Ian]

  1. Wow I never knew early Volks dolls came with sculpted eyebrows! Now that is a trend I wouldn’t mind returning because I can’t paint eyebrows for the life of me.

    You two are the first I know to share a doll, that must be great though! Volks Ian is lovely and that kimono is to die for. Hope to see her soon with your dolls! Also I will never get over Schulze, I love that sculpt <3

    1. Ara had the hardest time painting her though xD If it weren’t for the fact that sanding them off would have been kinda a crime considering her age, we’d have done it xD (the early Unoas had sculpted eyebrows too! Most people sand them off tho cause they are better in theory)

      Haha yeah, mostly she’s at my house cause I have more space and stuff to dress her in xD But it was the best way for both of us to nab her up w/o getting anyone broke in the process /ahem (And yeah, Khell has a soft spot for old Volkses! She has an Akira too xD)

  2. Other then Unoas, I’ve never seen sculpted eyebrows on another doll! Aww this was a super fun post to read and this sculpt is pretty adorable. I always love seeing the transformation as well. Such gorgeous shots at the end! What a bad ass indeed <3

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