Remnants of China

People who followed my blog since I went live this year might remember my China trip and the slightly LSD infused yearly conference we found us in where Dad, his boss and me performed a heart-wrenching (lol) rendition of ‚Eine Seefahrt die ist lustig‚ to the amusement of around 200 Chinese people. Fun times (no really!).

It just occured to me that I never shared the picture my Dad sent me that got taken of us three (I spare you the video that also exists and is on a fucking DVD of the conference which I sincerely hope is China-only – we were that bad):

(from left to right: F., Dad’s boss, my Dad and I)

It’s worth noting that we did not pick the background but uh, we are Bavarians so it was given I guess, esp. since 99,9% did not knew what we were singing about anyway. And yes, we are reading the text from our phones cause not even 24 hours are not enough to memorize the like 20? verses the version we picked got. We still won the public choice award and stuffed monkeys so shoo.

Speaking of China, I still miss the food. The Chinese food we get here isn’t cutting it close and also so incredible stuffing which food in China wasn’t. Am annoying everyone with my woeful mourning whenever we eat Chinese, I am so sorry.

I really hope I can get back next year when the conference is, I mean I saw the two sights I wanted to see the most but there is so much more! Though to be fair, I am also looking into a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu which would be costlier cause I’d actually have to pay for shit (China ended up costing me 35 bucks in the end) but another point of my bucket list…