Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful (Rose Tarlour)

A lot happened in the furniture department since my last entry on this topic. Mostly to my wallet /ahem

Even if this entry might be out-dated by next Tuesday (I am bidding on some sweet white wicker patio furniture) I wanted to write it now cause I now my procastinating self. So I included my two custom furniture pieces in this entry!

The first thing is actually not spectacular, it’s a simple dish rack that I modified to be used for herbs and other concoction in Stephanus‘ future diorama:

It does however make a nice addition in a bigger scene – needs more herbs tho and more other stuff to go in!

Okay so the next thing is what made me so happy to have won it! Well worth the bidding war and me nearly having a coronary due to the anxiety in the last minute cause I wanted that thing, damnit!

It’s a dollhouse bed from the Biedermeier era (1815 – 1848) and was sold as restauration piece. Though I seriously debate leaving it as is (including the wood worm holes) as I love it in all its worn down glory (also I have no clue of restauration but that’s another thing).

It’s also fabulous MSD scale and the furs just add to it in my opinion.

At the same time the auction on the bed was drawing to a close, my stalking of the ‚Puppenstube‘ tag resulted in two stunning chairs for dolls from the Gründerzeit (1871 – 1873). I was determined to get them and was preparing for a bidding war like on the bed and even enlisted Ara’s help to keep me awake till like 11pm when the auctions would close… only to decide that I was too tired to stay up. So I punched in my maximum bids and went to sleep, resigning myself to not winning them.

Imagine my surprise after waking up and discovering that I had won both chairs at 25 bucks each!

Especially when you look at that thing – the woodwork alone is worth admiring for hours! (or I am just weird). And yes I have two of those, would have been a crime to just get one

They are a bit big for MSDs and you might even get around using them for regular SDs (girl on the right is on a 52cm Zaoll body) but I can’t bear to let them go. Cause I’ll honestly never find them for that price again, let alone find them at all cause that is the first time seeing chairs like this in doll size!

This conclude my current eBay finds, next up: Custom furniture!

The first piece is a custom armchair from Domkukl, commissioned over her etsy shop that was apparently now deleted?

I was able to switch both the wooden frame as well as the upholstery to black color and the upholstery is even fucking leather which is just hot. It can also be seen behind Stephanus in the diorama scene at the beginning of the entry.

The overall size is also custom just for me as I needed it to fit in my cabinet. There were some slight miscommunications due to language barrier on her end and I was strung along for two weeks till I got to see final pictures but honestly, the whole chair including shipping was just $ 130 so I am willing to just ignore that.

Next up, my Maroccan Sofa from ira_scargeear / WhisperingGrassBJD

It was honestly one of my most wonderful custom order experiences – she is superfriendly and helpful, allows layaway, speaks flawless English and is so fast!

The pieces are laser-cut and fully customizable. My sofa is once again sized to fit my cabinets and it was super easy.

The pillows and the seat are detachable as well and I am 100% sure you can customize their color as well, I just loved the one from the pic of the big one so much I asked for it.

She offers a whole load of other furniture pieces and I personally do plan on talking about another custom order with her soon-ish once I figured out the sizes I need.

And this concludes my newest update… part III once I amassed some more /weak laughter

Oh wait, I also got a jeweler’s anvil cause it is easier to get an existing one than build one from scratch imo:

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