[Photostory] Intro

A war is like a game of chess.

You have a king.

A queen.


…and Bishops.


And the pawns, first to be crushed.

In a world at all-out war, every move can mean your death.

So live your days to fullest, tomorrow might be your last!

A/N: In the hopes that this will cull the urge to take pictures or at least channel it usefully – I think we all entered the hobby and either did photostory or dreamed of doing some (and getting famous while we’re at it!). I can’t promise how this’ll shape up but I think it might be a fun addition to the writing I do and spam you with on flickr. That and I get to use my props AND pratice more scenic shots. So uh, stay tuned?

Also if you want a story that is actually based on chess and not mis-using it as a plot device (but at least the colors mean something?) I urge you to check out Ara’s and Chocolatedecadence’s Chess World!