That one random backlog entry

I just realised that with me actually taking more pictures than just the weekly ADAW ones, a lot of them won’t show up on my blog when I post the ADAW ones in bulk at the end of the year. So, random shots entries are a go!

Akira recently got his tattoos and pft, tattooed dolls are my weakness.

My aesthetics however are bearded dwarf ladies <3

I misused an earring I picked up on a flea market recently to McGyver Nubia an ‚outfit‘

And Pazuzu is making good use of that bitten off banana prop I got from Badger’s Bakery

This one is new!

This one not. He is also not mine but Ara’s (sadly)

Grendel has a crown I accidentially won off Y!J

Khaliyanei is a frikkin badass

Khadija is not

And I finally got that goddamn elusive LTF Luna with Viridian House face-up!

And that is just to show off Thyra’s amazing face-up <3

Cause this one does not properly show it

Kekona really needs a proper outfit

Jeromé needs a body

Harbinger is acting like the charmer he isn’t

And this green dude was such an impulse buy!

Srsly, she needs clothes

Had to try out the wig I got for Iwalani and realised that a swim suit is not her style (at all)

This was to try out the bed

This was Nubia’s first dry-fit (with eyes she stole from Grisha)

This guy is Chocodecadence’s new mold Ryan (from Les Enfants Terribles) – hot punk grandpa!

Annd I think we are done.