I fucking love pewter

I am kinda sorry that those prop posts of mine are just showcasing because I can’t just link you all to sources where to but it from since 90% of my collection is in fact ‚old‘ stock. Or you know, antique. So it is mostly relentless eBay hunting I can give as advice. That and showing off the pretty.

There had been the plan to write this entry a while back but my laziness got in the way. I am sorry. This will be even less helpful than usual as well as I can’t even tell you from which era the stuff is this time – basically pewter miniatures for Puppenstuben were used all the way up to at least the 70s of last century and started in like 19th century? Don’t quote me, I just know one thing:

That set has been already featured on my IG and parts of it are included in my diorama – it is a bit warped (esp. the pots) as parts of the base of broken off but I adore it! I am just confused what that big pot bellied container in the back is supposed to be. Like, it is way to big to be a sugar bowl, so maybe for sweets?

Those beer mugs mostly come in regular pewter, not colored, but I got this one for a very reasonable price (of like 15 instead of the usual 45 people charge for them on the bay – hence why I only have one so far).

Cheap also goes for this goblet – it is missing the lid so it was super cheap (and I managed to miss out on upping the amount of those goblets cause I forgot to sniper bid on an auction. I am still sad)

And! And! This set. Gawd, I am so so happy I got it cause I personally think it is prettier than my other set (more ‚dignified‘). Really need to get a bigger table to put it in the diorama in full.

And lastly, not pewter but cool – a workable (!) petroleum lamp. In blue cause why not (I am still due for a blue room… someday).

Sadly pewter miniatures are pretty pricey unless you catch a nice auction so this concludes my current collection… but I am always on the hunt for more. Cause I fucking love pewter.