Mother Dearest Series

Or: „Pazuzu and her children“ or „I do have a LTF infestation, send an exterminator“

Luciel & Lysander (LTF Shiwo SP Mod. & OE)

Morgana Evanesca (LTF Luna)

Alyosha (LTF Sarang Love 2014 Event)

Iwalani (LTF Soony Elf when not submerged)
When I introduced Iwalani I told the story of how Pazuzu found it so cute that she sprouted fins when wet that she got bathed every day.
How could I not make that the topic of Iwalani’s pic /gets shot

Nightingale (LTF Juri 2013 Event)

Wulfric (LTF Elf El Mod.)

Lucrezia (LTF Halloween 2014 Event)

Nikita (LTF Nanuri 2013 Event)

And not a child but a grandchild but too cute to be left out

Theodore (LTF Lewi)

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