Excuse the great title. Anyway, on my agenda for my vacation was to make walls for the diorama. On a zero budget cause you know, Christmas is coming. Fortunately my old wardrobe had very nice MDF backing I was able to use as a base and then I found some old wooden sticks I used as uh, whatever the correct architectural term is.

Cheated a lot when building it tho – E6000 glue glues everything. Including your fingers. There is probably a special place in hell reserved for those of us who do wood work with the wrong glue but while my late grandpa had been hoarding everything, wood glue (that was not dried up) was not under these things.

I added a cobweb in the left corner cause it seemed like a good idea at the time. No spider tho, I’d forget I put it there and freak-out cause SPIDER NOPE NOPE.

The next things on my agenda is to finally fill the curio cabinet. And a lovely friend is knitting me a horrifyingly looking throw blanket like Pazuzu would have knitted, bless her heart.