Forgive me for I have sinned (also known as „The dolls in 2016“)

For those who don’t know me from LJ, I traditionally post my doll year at the end of the year and I am posting NOW because fuck it. I will NOT buy anymore dolls in 2017 to make this redundant. I will just not (it is only six more days, you can do it birb!).

For kicks, my plan for 2016 from last year:

There had been a detailed post about it here already but I modified it a bit insofar that I want to get everyone at least one formal and one fighting outfit, get more furniture and jewelry and finally work on my poor Volks Ian, provided I get her back anytime soon (got the go ahead from my co-owner to go wild and just tell her if she needs to chip in some money so yisss).

What actually got done:


Bought and stayed Bought and sold
LTF Shiwoo Sleeping faceplate
Okay so technically that was a 2015 purchase but eh, counts as 2016 because that is easier.
LTF Juri 2013 faceplate
And then I got it in my head to get all of Pazuzu’s children as LTFs so this was number two…
LTF Soony Elf faceplate
LTF Halloween 2014 faceplate
LTF Sarang Love 2013 faceplate
LTF Elf El faceplate
LTF Shiwoo OE full doll
…and seven was a full doll cause I realized I need at least one more LTF body for the twins.
Twigling Minigenue
I always adored Ingenue – apart from you know, the size. So when the MSD release was finally confirmed, I had to have her!
Souldoll Vito Azrael Skull head
Was actually meant to be horsie ass II’s new head but ran off as a character on its own. Scheduled to make an appearance in 2017 all painted up, aww yiss!
Lilycat Cerisedoll body
Bless people who accept layaways because I had put up that WTB as ‘just in case’ and had an offer like 24 hours later
Granado Terra head
Finally! The long awaited head for horsie ass II also finally a Granado cause I remembered they had one MSD sculpt
LTF Nanuri 2013 faceplate
And this was a lucky find that I honest to god thought I had lost in the depths of the postal system after two months. But it showed up!
Iplehouse Asa
After Iplehouse told me the Asa boy combo was not possible, they threw an auction Asa guy on the market IN THE EXACT CONFIGURATION I HAD WANTED. So I kinda was obligated to snatch him up.
Ringdoll Chunyi head
I had planned on waiting for owner pictures to surface but I kinda fear no one has ordered him yet so I just took the plunge. He is a cutie for real.
Serenadedoll Ava
I had actually planned on taking advantage of Serenade Doll’s winter event but never got a reply to a question I asked and their Q& A looked like a hot mess so I stayed clear of it. But a while later they seemed to get their act together and I got a mail saying that my order placed with the discount was still valid and the graciously agreed to give me a layaway option (which was at that time not a real option yet)!
MNF Sarang Valentine 2015 head
And then I uh randomly got it in my head to obtain all of the K5 heads.
MNF Siean Elf head
Like, all of them.
MNF DES head
I am not exactly smart.
MNF Lishe SP head
But the heads were cheap.
FreakStyleBJD Salome
Another ‚just in case‘-WTB and not even 24 hours later I had entered a layaway for one of the Salomés I fell in love in anyway. She has her true wig finished now so she’s also scheduled for a 2017 appearance!
Owl Benedict Cumberbatch Minimee LE28
Took a chance with this dude cause imo Cucumberbitch looks weird as fuck and could pull of the half-crazed look of Khaled’s Dad (spoiler: he is fab).
Resinsoul An
He was cheap, he was green, I am weak
Dollshe Fashion 28M body
That 30% off coupon was burning a hole in my pocket and I needed a body to send to Nezu anyway. And he can be used for both the Azrael and the Cucumberbitch heads so win/win all around. It turned out that Cucumberbitch’s neckhole is too smol but hey, means Gabby gets the body all to himself once it is back.
Fairyland LTF Luna faceplate
The elusive Luna with Viridian House face-up finally found its way to me after a brief detour. Worth every penny as it made the babies complete <3
DIM Gayane head
Who would have thought DIM would ever discontinue their dolls? No one, hence frantic scrabbling to get one to test some shit. That did not work out but eh.
Unoa ES Belia Fury faceplate
Okay. So. New Unoa Option parts? After like… years? Count me in. Especially since that Allegra got her RAGE FACE
Customhouse Little Junior body
That was so random. Like I thought which body Chitou could be on and then I ended up on a CH Junior body AND THEN! I found one a few hours later.
Iplehouse KID Paige
I just wanted to order my Mom an Iplehouse Pet Doll cat for Christmas. but since I ordered anyway, I figured I just pick up the Paige I wanted anyway too. She is adorable and also currently MIA in Russia on her way to the face-up artist because I had to ship her during Crimmus madness.
Souldoll Vito Freya
I just wanted the body! And was too lazy to deal with idiotic people wanting to me sell them the face-upped (!) head for like 80 bucks. Lol nope. I thankfully found a very nice girl later who adopted her!
Dollits Miso head
Never say you want a head. Never. I said I wanted her to try something and days later a friend linked me one for sale in DLand wtf.
Armeleia/SeedDolls Wol head
YouplaDolls Zopa
This was like the only truly planned purchase this year. And it satisfied the LDoll doll cravings at the same time so I am good.
Raccoondoll Laetitia
CHRISTMAS EVENTS BE DAMNED. That is all I will say on that matter. I even got the default face-up (first time I did that in like five years) as a temp until the artist I want reopens. Don’t expect her to pop up before March 2017.

Didn’t sell a single doll this year I sold the Gayanne but that was in the last month of this year so GTFO (not for the lack of trying tho, but apparently the Iplehouse Ryan head was meant to stay) but like doubled the doll count. On the plus side, I now have the majority of the characters I wanted lol.

Also the LTFs and the K5 are responsible for the exploded head count.

This whole thing also does not include the Unidoll Ark head I got for my Mom, the Soom Ai I got back from my Grandma or the FOUR dolls/doll parts I got as Christmas presents for others. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Or the Azone Ellen but tbh she isn’t really a BJD and I am trying to sell her? Idek anymore.

Doll Count 2015: 14 dolls (two of which are centaurs) and 3 heads + 5 dolls that are not mine
* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

Doll Count 2016: 28 dolls (two of which are centaurs) and 19 heads + 4 dolls that are not mine
* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

Plans for 2017:

Clothes. So many clothes. And props! Moar props, moar (like food maybe)! And then more space /cries

On the doll list we have:

Tyr – Unoa Zest (Fantasy Cowboy)

Kemal – Volks YoMidi Williams

??? – Otherside Oddity

??? – Otherside Dione

??? – Magic Mirror Levon

I might let get of my Serenadedoll Ava and try to sell the Iplehouse Ryan again (if I can get a smol Williams to see how they’d compare and if I still want to attempt that switch) but that is all a bit in the air cause I fucking hate selling (tho if you want either, hit me up lol).

Previous years:
(you need to be my LJ friend to be able to see the years up to and including 2014 but you are not missing out on anything if you can’t access it)


6 thoughts on “Forgive me for I have sinned (also known as „The dolls in 2016“)

  1. Wow, you got so many dolls during this year!! I really love seeing your collection, so see the progress summarized like this was awesome!

    Hope you can fullfil all of your 2017 goals!

    1. Oh you haven’t? Her sculpts are /adorable/ or in case of Levon, plain hot lol

      And I think my list this year makes almost everyone feel better oh god xD

      1. I have to admit, it’s getting harder and harder each year to keep up with artist dolls. I feel like such an old woman, waving her cane around and preaching how „I remember when there were only two companies to choose from!“.

        1. Haha yeah it is really an overwhelming amount of dolls that gets released nowadays at any given time and I only came in the hobby when there were already a lot of companies so I guess for ‚true‘ oldies it must be even more a case of holy fucking shit, where do all these dolls come from XD

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