A curious curiosity

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my fascination with taxidermy in all its various forms? If not, I have a special place in my heart for stuffed animals, bones, dried specimen and other oddities and when the diorama project took off, I knew that I had to have all those things in there as well. Because it is a laboratory / study for a magical scientist and not having those things would be a shame.
My main issue with the diorama has always been that I want clutter, like a lived-in clutter that accumulates after centuries of usage of the same room. I can do clutter irl quite easily but with dolls I always find I strive to show everything clearly in a picture which is not possible with the sort of clutter I want to achieve. So uh, constant fight against my inner self here xD

But I guess I have figured it out now?

Got him to steal his ribcage as s.o. on tumblr made such a nice artpiece out of a ribcage with flowers but he is too sassy to dismember. Also that empty frame behind him? Will be a butterfly showcase once I get the butterflies in.

The desk is still flawless / biased

This box is actually filed with ‚witchcraft‘ stuff

This is a new shelf I got as a gift from a friend that was originally meant to replace the curio…

…but I guess I am still too attached to it

I still love that teaset to bits!

The hutch is still my favourite part

Basically at the point of posting this, it is already on its way to being outdated by the new shiny I am expecting but if I’d wait every time to update you’d never get to see any pics ever.

Things I am waiting on for the diorama:

_ real jaw bone with teef (11cm long)
_ a shitload of bell jars and various vials
_ a smol brass dog statue
_ a piece of amber with insect inclusion
_ teeny tiny paper butterflies in various sizes
_ two fake!animal skulls from sighthoundlady (<3)
_ food items from Badger’s Bakery (ginger roots, moldy half-eaten toast and orange peels)

Shit I have sitting in my etsy cart:
_ Ouija board
_ Shrunken head earrings (which are perfectly in scale)

Would still kill for a proper in scale taxidermy fox or an owl xD

One thought on “A curious curiosity

  1. Wow, this is simply stunning!! I love all the details you have in there, and some of these miniatures are awesome! Looking to that stunning tea set!
    I’m really curious about the butterflies thing, hope you will share it when you do it!

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