It has to begin /somewhere/

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It goes like this – once upon a time, when the world was just a glint in the eye of the giant Melomenes, seven beings emerged from the dark. They were not fully formed yet; they were just there, like a particular unamusing thought which would not leave, no matter how hard the thinker tried. The giant tried to sweep his eye in a vain attempt to get rid of the thoughts but only succeeded in getting it loose, until it hung from his face only secured but the veins. In a fit of rage, the giant ripped it out fully and threw it away, where it floated in the vast darkness. Only then, the seven beings descended upon the floating eyeball and started to mold it in the image of the worlds they had seen flashing before the giant’s eyes.

The beings had no name, no shape, only their minds with which they formed land and mountains out of the iris and pupil, water for the seas and oceans and streams, big and small out of the sclera as well as the creatures to populate it all.
In the vast forests they created wolves and deer, over the plains they let horses run and in the deep waters fish of many colors swam. Birds flew in the skies and huge dragons curled around themselves in the bellies of volcanos.
Only after they had created creatures to populate the world they had created they decided to take form themselves to start creating the people to rule over their creation. They took the shape of seven men, all bony white and clad in black and sat on the highest mountain, their heads in the clouds.

The giant’s eye had seen many worlds, many different ways of how people had ruled those worlds and how they had lived together. And so the seven drew together a plan that seemed the most feasible for this new world of theirs – demons and humans should populate their world, all connected to the magic that fizzed around them in varying degrees. They should also be able to control the elements to be able to change the world as they saw fit. For the seven could not be bothered to take care of every little change themselves.
And to connect them all they opted to give them gods to pray to. They were supposed to be elected from the people soon to be populating the world – to make this fair, one being created a huge mirror, as tall and as wide as the biggest of men they planned to create and placed it in the middle of a valley. A spark of energy gave it life and knowledge of its purpose.

The giant had seen gods, many of them. Had seen them fail, had seen them succeed. And he had seen many religions and many traditions tied to religion.
The third being suggested that each of them would create one god or goddess and then have those seven start the rest of the gods with the help of the mirror they had created in the beginning. The suggestion was met with unequivocal acceptance.

The first being created Kendra, the Goddess of Wisdom, a woman with hair the color of ripe peaches and an eerie calmness to her features.

The second being, who was inordinately fond of the seventh being, gave up its right to create a god to the seventh, as seventh was the youngest of them to come into existence and would always be the last.

The third being created Esmail, God of Solitude, a stoutly and short man with an impressive beard and sharp eyes.

The fourth being created Maarit, Goddess of Love, a woman in her early teens, bright eyed and full of naïve innocence.

The fifth being created Nasir, God of Serenity, a man who blinked with short-sighted eyes into the world, reading glasses perched low on his nose.

The sixth being created Phoibe, Goddess of Peace, a woman with huge wings springing from her back that stretched up high into the open sky and seemed to glow from within.

The seventh being, which was mischievous and leaned towards malcontent, created Pazuzu, Goddess of Cruelty and Stephanus, God of Hate, both of which were as pale as their creators and had inky black hair.

The seven beings stood in front of the seven gods and told them: “We created this world and named it Silmä. You are the gods created to give the people religion, to lead them in their spiritual discovery”. They brought the gods to the mirror in the valley and continued: “You ranks will fill, slowly but surely, as many of them who will be your brothers and sisters are not yet born. This is Harbinger, summoner of gods, who will choose those who will join you. You will build the gods a house, both to hold Harbinger and to create a place where you will come together to take care of Silmä’s people”.
“And what will we call you?”, Serenity asked.
The first being answered: “Three of us will be death, the end of your journey. Three of us will be birth, the miracle of life. And the last of us will be rebirth, another chance for those who deserve it.”
“Who will make the rules, the base of this religion?”, Solitude asked.
The second being answered: “You as a collective will lay down the rules that will be base of the religion.”
“What do you grant us to mark us a gods?”, Love asked.
The third being answered: “We will grant you a longer life span that we will grant the rest of our creations,”
“But you won’t grant us eternal life?”, Wisdom asked.
The fourth being answered: “Eternal life is an illusion. Nothing can be eternal but us as we are not real in your world and only watch over all of Silmä, from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans.”
“So that means we can be killed?”, asked Peace.
The fifth being answered: “Yes, but only few would dare to go against gods with enough strength to annihilate you.”
“What rules do you give us?”, Cruelty asked.
The sixth being answered: “There shall be only a few rules to guide you – you shall not reproduce, the right to populate Silmä will lie solely with those beneath you. You shall not take sides in the wars of those on Silmä, take no sides, not the side of the king nor the side of the revolutionist. You are supposed to be neutral ground, have an open ear for everyone who prays to you, regardless of who they are and what intentions they have.”
“What will you do if we go against your rules?”, Hate asked.
The seventh being answered: “We brought you into this world, we will take you out of it.”

Then the beings left the gods in the valley and set on creating the people.

The first being created the demons of different builds and skin colors and gave each of them the ability to control one element to a varying degree of success. They were placed all over the world, in the searing sun of the desert, in the icy cold of wasteland, in the lush greenery of the forests and marshes and near the glittering waters of the seas and oceans

The second being created the humans, closely following the demons in look and populace but denying them the ability of forcing the elements to heed to their will. Instead it gave them a better connection to the magic of the world to give them strength to be equals to the demons.

The third being created the elves, long-eared people who had a deep connection to the earth and the forests and were only able to control earth and wind.

The fourth being created the merfolk who lived in the deep oceans and had tails like the fish that swam around them. Water was their element but few of them, who dwelled near the surface and near ports that were soon built, were able to control the wind as well.

The fifth being created the dwarfs who went on living under the earth to unearth the treasures hidden there, able to control both earth and fire for their trades to prosper.

The sixth being created the giants, as a nod to Melomenes, whose eye was the base of this world – monstrous women and men who roamed the deserts and icy wastelands. Unable to force the elements to submission and deaf and blind for the magic they relied on their sheer strength.

The seventh being had drawn the short straw and was looking at a world that was already populated by a vast array of different species that had come from the best ideas. Pouting it drew into itself only to re-emerge a few days later to present the other beings with its idea – centaurs, men and woman with the lower body of horses and the upper body of humans.
There was a brief silence until the first being asked the seventh, if it had thought this idea through well and truly. The seventh being made a rather rude gesture towards the first – something the giant had seen numerous times on numerous worlds – and answered that yes, it had thought long and hard about this and if the fourth being had the right to give its creatures fish tails, itself had the right to combine horses with humans. That was a point that could not be argued so the seventh being placed the centaurs in the forests and wore a smug grin all the while whilst doing so. In its smugness it however forgot to give them any elemental or magic ability and when it realized its mistake it was too late to help them beyond giving a few pointers on the creation of weapons to defend themselves.

Deed done they went back to the valley of the mirror where the gods had erected a huge hall with pillars that lead to a wide room that had seats arranged in a semicircle facing a pulpit above which the mirror Harbinger hung. High above the highest seats were seven galleries, each of them with thick black velvet curtains that hid what was behind them.
The gods stood around the pulpit and awaited the beings arrival.
“We did as we were told and built this to house Harbinger and the Council of Gods, as well as galleries for each of you to join us in our sessions and see how we progress”, Cruelty spoke softly sweet: “But we could not decide which of us was the best to lead the Council” – the looks she received from Solitude and Wisdom made clear, that she had been the main reason of this disaccord – “So we thought if all of you could give a bit and created someone specifically for this task, we would follow his lead”
The seven beings could not find a fault in this suggestion so each of them took a bit of the god they had created and the second being gave the form and created a man with horns that curled around his ears like ram horns, short brown hair and colorless eyes.
“Kemal”, announced the first being: “Chairman of the Council of Gods”

Then the seven beings bid their leave to the seven gods and the chairman and went back to the top of their mountains.
The gods each took a seat on the lowest row of the semi-circle and set on creating the ground to build the religion on and they were written in a huge book bound in dark leather that Kemal filled with neat script as the gods laid down the rules for the people to follow.

It is decided that houses specifically to address the gods shall be erected. All of these houses are home to all gods but to whom the people pray they can choose for their own. It is however necessary to build these house so that they are set apart from other buildings around them and are visible as House of Gods even if one is not familiar with a city’s or village’s layout.
Every House of Gods should be built so that it has a wide open arch in the front with a glass dome so that the gods could look down on the faithful and judge the sincerity of their pleas. Under the dome should be placed a rack with combs and in each combs a wooden figurine of each and every god shall be placed.

And on they went in creating the rules.

A specific address for the gods is not needed; it is enough to address the god which the person finds most suitable to help in their time of need.
A request for help to a god must be accompanied by a sacrifice specific to the god. It shall be offered in plain view of the figures of the god. The sacrifice shall be proportional to the result the faithful wants to gain from it.

The dead should be buried beneath their earth in tombs unless they were thieves, traitors or otherwise shady figures whose bodies were supposed to be burned on a pyre and their ashes scattered in the wind, lest people would try to get parts of their bodies to worship or to use in magical rituals.

Newborn children would need to be announced to the gods within the first year of their life.
Unions between two people needed to be sealed in front of the gods as well and the renouncing of said unions required the presence of the gods as well.
Both rituals were to be executed in front of the wooden figures of the gods with the help of priests and priestesses.

Priests and priestesses could be everyone who had gifted their life to the gods, pledged their very soul to their service. Otherwise there were no stipulations to this choice of life, they could form unions and beget or conceive children but they had to keep the service in the name of the gods as their most holy reason in life.

Kemal had written down what the gods had agreed upon onto a scroll of heavy parchment and he sealed it with bloody red wax and the seven gods signed their names under it and vowed to keep true to their words. Then the scroll was enshrined in a heavy wooden box with seven locks, each key give to one of the gods, so that it could only be altered when all gods agreed on it.

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