[Hybriding] boypink re:SEN

ietsiepetesy on IG requested some hybriding fun and who am I to deny that!

The victim:

Doll specs:
Maker: boypink / xdissipation
Mold: re:SEN
Order Period: 25th September – 15th October 2016
normal skin 01: matches with dollstown pale tan
normal skin 02: matches with volks normal skin
normal skin 03: matches with dollstown fresh skin
Eye size: 6mm (recommended by maker)
Head size: 7/8 inch

Specifics of my head:
Color: NS 03
Eye size: 8mm Enso Eyes

The bodies:

Iplehouse JID girl body with Glamour Bust (NS)
FreakstyleBJD Salomé body (Oriental Skin)
Souldoll Vito girl body (NS)

Iplehouse JID

She can’t look up worth shit but that might be cause the S-Hook on the JID is ginormous. Otherwise I actually like how it looks! Color-match is shit as she is yellowed but with a fresh Iplehouse NS you should have no issues as that is pale pink.

FreakstyleBJD Salomé body

Can do all sorts of head movements, the color fit is close (no wonder cause the Oriental Skin the Salomé is casted in is exactly like Dollstown’s Oriental Skin and just a smidgen darker than Fresk Skin). The look is also really nice.

Souldoll Vito girl body

This is my hybrid for her. Looking up is an issue (thanks go she isn’t a stargazer, lol?) but otherwise it looks nice. As for the skinmatch (or lack thereof lol), she gets a pretty heavy face-up so I don’t care.

And because I always find it hilarious how clothes maketh the man hybrid:

Other bodies you ask? Well, from the dolls I have avaiable I think the three shown here are the best match but I am always here for hybrid fun soooo… choose your poison:

Iplehouse JID body (model or muscle)
Unoa Elder Sister body
Serenadedoll body
Iplehouse JID girl body (glamour bust)
Dollshe Fashion 28M body
Fairyland Chicline male body (muscled or regular)
Customhouse Little Junior boy body
Volks Ian body
Twigling Minigenue body
Lilycat Cerisedoll Classic V1 body
Fairyland MNF A-Line girl body with biggest M-Line bust
FreakStyle Salomé body
Souldoll Vito girl body
Limhwa Limho Mono body
Iplehouse KID body
Unoa Chibi Lilin body
Youpladolls Zopa body
Resinsoul Song body
Raccoondoll Glamourous body with large breast
Littlefee body
Soom TeenieGem body

Dollmore Zaoll body
Volks SD10 body
Iplehouse EID muscle body
Iplehouse SID body