Oriental Kitsune [Raccoondoll Laetitia]

I’ve been told that I need to get a Raccoondoll pretty much since the company first popped up (cause mature minis + curvy bodies + boobs = my thing) but I kinda never had a reason to get one until I decided that’d be a smart idea (except not) to shell some secondary characters. The first idea was to get her in Sweet Mocha but then Raccoondoll released Dark Mocha and I am a fan of different tan shades (and Sweet Mocha is like Iple’s Real Skin and I already have a doll in this color) so Dark Mocha it was.

Much poetic. Such wow.

Raccoon-Venus is best Venus

Obligatory CoA shot

I didn’t realise we’d get free heel feetsies!

Not color-corected and shows the accurate tone nicely

I got her with the default face-up as a temp (first time ordering a default face-up since my second doll seven years ago lol) – it is really nice!

The default 6mm Glib eyes vs 8mm Enso Eyes

Stroke victim wig test

And dressed with ears and proper wig!

And one pic in all her glory!