Subscribe for awesome (Subscription Boxes)

Subscription Boxes are what I’d term perfect for anyone who loves surprises – and boy do I love surprises! However finding the ‚right‘ subscription box has so far driven me up the walls and then some.

Blippo KawaiiBox
Starts at $ 24.90 / month (used to be like $ 18.90 / month) with free shipping

I only get it nowadays when I get a $ 5.00 off coupon randomly popping into my inbox – back when it was still $ 18.90 / month I had it for a while but while I loved getting cutesy stuff in the mail I ultimately only used a part of each box and was stuck with random (and to be ultimately useless) stuff which is not what I need.

Starts at GBP 15.00 / month plus shipping

Okay so if you are artistic this is the box to go cause I loved the items I got! I legit just cancelled cause I had to admit to myself that even with fancy supplies every month, I am just not arting enough to make it worthwhile.

Sophie & Toffee Club
Starts at $ 25.00 / month plus shipping

Another box I only get when the previews shown on their IG catch my fancy but at no fault of them! The items they include are pretty damn awesome every month and worth the almost $ 35.00 I pay with shipping. I am just not crafty enough for monthly boxes!

$ 10.00 / month plus shipping

Okay so the hard thing with Stickiiclub? Choosing which pack to get! (Cute? Retro? Pop? ALL OF THEM?) Other than that I deem this the perfect box for me cause STICKERS GUYS; STICKERSSSSSS!

Starts at $ 15.99 / month but depends on your location

I only got this once because it popped up on my FB feed as an advertised post and alluded to items from the ‚Fantastic Beasts‘ franchise which yes! The item ended up being a T-Shirt which yes, is super soft and I love it but the rest was pretty much useless to me. That and the customs declaration declared the true value of all items instead of what I paid so joyous customs time too.
All in all I cancelled that so fast I got whiplash.