That’s not sinning, that’s downright hell (The dolls in 2017)

For kicks, my plan for 2017 from last year:

Clothes. So many clothes. And props! Moar props, moar! And then more space /cries

On the doll list we have:

Tyr – Unoa Zest (Fantasy Cowboy)

Kemal – Volks YoMidi Williams

??? – Otherside Oddity

??? – Otherside Dione

??? – Magic Mirror Levon

I might let get of my Serenadedoll Ava and try to sell the Iplehouse Ryan again (if I can get a smol Williams to see how they’d compare) but that is all a bit in the air cause I fucking hate selling (tho if you want either, hit me up lol).

The dolls in 2017

What actually got done below.

My Ryan stayed and I just sold the Serenadedoll body. And my Dollshe Fashion Philippe head CAUSE WILLIAMS.

Bought and stayed Bought and sold
Unoa Elder Brother Zest

He was on my list! Also I got a fabulous layaway plan from a very kind fellow hobbyist

Bluefairy Niky (girl)

Trade for the blasted Obitsu body, namely because I figured I could use the body for someone – which I did until I figured she might attract a buyer more easily with a body. Which she did, lol

Resinsoul Sui body w/o wings and tail

Since Arundel looked so shit on the Dollshe body

IOS Class50 Typ A body

Spur of the moment decision as I needed a body for Jeromé and did not want yet another Iplehouse JID body

Luts KDF Type 3 classic girl body

Spur of the moment again?

  Real Missing Link M-11 head

Cheap price lured me in and he had an adorable face but uuuuuuh no

Fairyland Littlefee Nanuri event head 2017

Pazuzu needed a portable version, kay?

Limhwa Aria Series Limho

I always wanted a smol Mono! And then he showed up on the bay from Germany! For a great price!

DollChateau Williams


Dollsbe Pumpkin Swag Ver.

Fat dolls are my jaaaaam!

Ariadoll Tiny 14 years body

I wanted to get rid of the MNF body and then Nezu was selling my old Ariadoll body so this. And then the Minifees never got that body and are now angrily floating in the head drawer. (Whoops2)

DollChateau Xanthe limited body

I just wanted the body as for once the two-part version was more appealing than the non-limited non-jointed version. Head was split off

Volks YoMidi Williams


Seed Dolls Peabody head

I wanted Peabody since I saw him on Armeleia’s blog years ago. Missed the preorder if there ever was one and then she put up three ready made ones and it was now or never

Impldoll Crocodile

I might have made my Mom order her girl’s body during the event to get the croc. But hey! I offered it to her but she declined so I tried! Not overly hard but it’s the thought that counts, no?

Summerbird BJD Studio Viola body

Fat. Doll <3

  Fairyland Minifee Rheia (tan)

Ultimate test if I was indeed over the MNF aesthetic (yes) and to get out the Serenadedoll body

Bimong Narae40 Kissing Event head

I kinda loved her from the start and then I was able to trade my Volks Williams body for it, fuck yeah

Dust of Dolls Cöti head

A compromise as the whole doll would have been too expensive. And I did not want to miss out on that snoot

Bobobie FtM Mod body

Okay, a spare body for $ 45 shipped? Count me in

Dollzone Hid

I admit, the fantastic price of $ 50 played a role in getting it. As did the very interesting body mods

Batchix Dark Elf

Well, who’d have thought the Dark Elf got a rerelease just when I had decided to get one. I do approve

Pipos Egg

Wanted this guy since his release and finally found one with the default paint job for a steal!

Otherside Oddity

Good things come to those who wait. In my case since 2015 but ahhhhhh ODDITY FINALLY

Fairyland Realpuki Kaka


Souldoll Juno Elf Head

a) floppy ears

b) fits on the DollChateau body

c) ???

d) Profit I guess


Doll Count 2016: 28 dolls (two of which are centaurs) and 19 heads + 4 dolls that are not mine

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

Doll Count 2017: 42 dolls (two of which are centaurs), 20 bodiless heads and 1 headless bodies + 5 dolls that are not mine

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

…I do have the niggling suspicion I managed to not count a doll but eh.

Plans for 2018:

Reineke – SheCow Kit

??? – Otherside Dione

??? – Magic Mirror Levon

??? – Dollsbe Event face (that old guy)

I will definitely be ordering Kit once his preorder pops up – otherwise I want more ‘unusual’ faces. Give me all the weirdo heads, you can have my Minifees lol. Like don’t get me wrong, MNFs are cool but I want something grittier, not flawless perfection but… yeah.

Then I want a 50mm prime lens (my 35mm is a bit too wide for my smol dolls and my kit lens is well, a kit lens). But other than that? I am pretty darn content*.

*see me in a few days once 2018 telling that lol no

Oh wait, more clothes. But I guess that is given with me?

Previous years:

(you need to be my LJ friend to be able to see the years up to and including 2014 but you are not missing out on anything if you can’t access it)