Be the change you want to see

Back in ye olde days when I was just starting with BJDs, my goal were pretty and cute dolls. Dolls that’d make you go DAWW. Dolls like

Phineas (DZ Hal) and Phyllis (DiM Laia) for example.

Then I wanted pretty but badass, like

Prudence (Fairyland MNF Marcia)

And then I had an identity crisis and had to stop doing BJD stuff for like two years and concentrate on Blythes cause nothing brought me satisfaction.
Don’t get me wrong, they were all fabulous in their own rights but at the same time… boring in their perfection.

It’s only been since 2016 that I feel that I have actually started to figure out what I want to see in my crew.

I still want perfection

Pazuzu (Iplehouse Violet)

but I also want weird,

Leif (Pipos Event Humpty Dumpty 2013)


Selphiel (Seed.Arts Wol)


Angrboda (xdisspation re:SEN)

or just „different“ in some way

Hiltja (Unoa Chibi Lilin)

Rosamond (Dollits Miso)

I think I have found a good middle-way in all of this and I have several dolls I am extremely excited to work on this year!

Like Iason (Dollsbe Jujube) who will be an elderly warlock,

Pazuzu’s battle version (Souldoll D.Joelle) cause I am curious to see how this head shapes up as female,

Kazimír (TiffieBJDCraft Battholomew) who will be a truly fab orc,

and dear Darragh (Otherside Oddity) who omg, kinda grail I guess!

Thank you for joining me in all of this and showing my crew such kind welcome, no matter what weird shit I throw at you 😉