K5 reduced [tw: character death, blood, injuries]

When I recently got rid of almost all my Minifees, it stemmed from the realisation that Minifees just were too flawless for my crew and not loved enough by me to work on them. I kept Kabira though (even tho everything in me told me to get rid of all and get a Dollmore Judith for the job) as the artist who did her faceup effectively stopped doing commissions and I am quite fond of it.
Of course I needed a plausible explanation why suddenly the K5 Unit was only one person but still referred to as K5 so… have some shit writing!

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

It had been, in a cruel twist of fate or just history’s all compassing desire to complete a full circle, Kekona’s idea.

“I have brought us together, I will bring us together even more”, she had whispered as she cradled the cracked skull of Khadija, their youngest sister, in her hands, blood seeping all over the floor, her hands, her clothes. A flow of red that did not seem to even slow down.

Kekona had always been the one most in tune with their magical abilities, always hunched over old tomes when she was not fighting.
Kahawia was hunched over Khadija’s prone form, gagging at the sight of her bleeding out whilst Kaliyanei leant on the wall opposite to them, back pressed tightly against the cold stone as if she could melt into it.

“There is life in her still”, Kekona continued and Kahawia’s head shot up, starring at her with wide eyes: “Not enough to save her”, she said over Kahawia’s wailing: “but enough to preserve her.”
She pulled out a silver knife from a pouch on her belt and held it loosely.

“Listen, my sisters: Thus is our condition that we are bound together like a swarm. When she dies, we risk dying with her as the maelstrom of death plunges us all into darkness. However, we can save us as we preserve her. But – there is sacrifice needed from all of us.”

“And what would you have us do?”, Kaliyanei’s voice held a slight wobble to it but she tried her best to sound confident.
“Give yourself up completely”, Kekona smiled as she stroked Khadija’s matted hair. “We can continue existing in a way if we leave our blood and flesh vessels and transfer ourselves to one person. A single one of us holding all our memories and wishes and dreams and knowledge like an overflowing cup. Forever united.“

Kabira, who had stood in the alcove behind Kekona, surveying the damage, could feel her sisters’ eyes turning to her, one by one. Even Khadija twitched as if she would look towards her as well, if her muscles could only process such orders anymore.

“So I should be us from here onwards?”, she asked, curious.
“You’re the oldest”, Kekona pointed out: “you were here first; it’s your right to be here last as well.”

The process turned out to be simple enough. They were to leave the world in the order they had graced it. One by one, without fear. And Kabira had to watch them, had to hold them close until she could feel the life leaving the body and then, so Kekona speculated, their hive mind would be drawn to the nearest connected vessel.

As Khadija lay dying, Kabira took Kekona’s place and held her through every labored breath until her breasts ceased to heave and struggle.
The first brush of another presence in her mind was clumsy like a child’s first attempts at walking. Stumbling, carefully, until the presence took up residence, settling down like a sated predator, content.
There was no real shape to the presence, no name, no voice but it felt like Khadija.

Kahawia and Kaliyanei came next, one after the other, as Kekona plunged her knife into their hearts. Their demise was faster, more punctuated and their presence came with more surety, coiling themselves next to Khadija’s, like great serpents.

Kekona and Kabira stood next to each other, admits the bodies of their late sisters.

When she felt Kekona’s presence leaving her body and entering her mind, it felt like the last puzzle piece slotted into place. From the presences arose the distinct flames of Kekona, Kaliyanei, Kahawia and Khadija, pulsing softly.
They were back together, inseparable now.

When she came back to Moskaw, to kneel in front of the King and Queen, Arundel was furious and raging, Keybanu stone faced and cold as she had always been.
Kabira could feel her sisters buzzing in her skull and she closed her eyes and bent her knees before the King and the Queen.