Prague – 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson, Inc. (H-D), or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903.

I’d also dare say it’s a way of life – I had been delighted when Dad finally got a Harley last year. And when he asked if I’d like to join in the 115th anniversary I was delighted!

Especially cause it turned out the H-D has a way nicer seat than his previous bike. So instead of ass cramps, only my legs are dead which is to be preferred.
Trip there and back took us around 6 hours each way, breaks aside so you can estimate why I value my behind’s continued usage.

The Venue

Hosted on the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds it was really a gorgeous space. And also so. Fucking. Peaceful!?
I’ve been to regular fairs with more agressions than the H-D anniversary. Everyone was just having a genuine good time and was friendly af.

H-D Expo

Showing H-D bikes since 1903.

H-D Custom Bikes

Helmet Auction

Were with the custom bikes – there were 12 in total and you could bid on them. The prices are in CZK so you can breathe again (heaven knows Dad and I had a short WTF-moment there)

‚Free Range‘

Those were actually ridden and nott just decoration.

The gold parts on this baby are actually 24k gold!

Charles Bridge


The Czech army had a full areal for career and stuff. It was hilarious.

These guys were in the Expo. Maybe ‚Burning Man‘ refugees?

Kladruby Monastery – sadly no inside pics for you, there was a church service in full swing but darn, it was glorious in this overloaded Baroque way!