Drink up me hearties yo ho (The dolls in 2018)

For kicks, my plan for 2018 from last year:

Plans for 2018:
Reineke – SheCow Kit
??? – Otherside Dione
??? – Magic Mirror Levon
??? – Dollsbe Event face (that old guy)

I will definitely be ordering Kit once his preorder pops up – otherwise I want more ‘unusual’ faces. Give me all the weirdo heads, you can have my Minifees lol. Like don’t get me wrong, MNFs are cool but I want something grittier, not flawless perfection but… yeah.

Then I want a 50mm prime lens (my 35mm is a bit too wide for my smol dolls and my kit lens is well, a kit lens). But other than that? I am pretty darn content*.

*see me in a few days once 2018 telling that lol no

Oh wait, more clothes. But I guess that is given with me?

The dolls in 2018

What actually got done below.

Bought and stayed

Bought and sold

Alice in Labyrinth Daryl

I missed my old AiL (or rather that body) something fierce and then s.o. sold off their old dolls for dirt cheap INCLUDING the Daryl for 100 bucks so. Whoops. And then she ended up being child!Pazuzu. Double-whoops.

Fairyland Littlefee Nanuri event head 2017

Goes hand in hand with the Daryl cause this version… did not grab my attention I admit

Souldoll D.Joelle head

I liked that mold since it was released and then it popped up for sale… and I got it. Admittedly without a plan but then it just screamed “Pazuzu” and it worked out perfectly

Minifee Siean Elf head

A necessary cut to streamline the collection

Minifee Lishe Sp Mod head

A necessary cut to streamline the collection

Dollsbe Jujube head


Minifee DES head

A necessary cut to streamline the collection

Minifee Valentine 2015 Sarang head

A necessary cut to streamline the collection

TiffieBJDCrafts Battolomew head

He’s ugly as sin which in turn makes him gorgeous – gimme all the weird boys

Dollmore Kidult 12” Fashion body

Spur of the moment decision cause I didn’t want the DoD head to be a floater. Got sold since it just didn’t look as I had hoped for.

Souldoll Vito boy body

I wanted that body anyway and it was the body of one of my favorite dolls in the hobby (indigoparaflax’ E.T.) so this made it extra special!

Unoa girl body

Selling 4 out of the K5 gave me a reason to get the last one standing a body again. Plus I’ve been wanting an Unoa body again cause the shape is fabulous.

And then out it went when the last K5 went, oops

Dollmore Narsha

Narsha was on the list and this one was sixty bucks so I had to

PAViLiON.P head

Been trying to get one for years, finally lucked out on Mandarake!

Soom Silt/Hati

“I want the Hati/Skoll fantasy body cause paws”, I said. “Isn’t someone local not selling exactly that combo?”, a friend asked. “I bought a doll”, I said.

Soom Silt head

As I only needed the body, head had to go

Iplehouse Violet Fantasy head


Soom Puss in Boots

Hey it’s not my fault my WTBs get answered in like 12 hours?

Hujoo Janus Gato

Again, how should I know my WTBs get answered so quickly!?

Doll Adora (Panda) Dubo head

Cause I have wonderfully crazy friends /cries

Souldoll Paw Wolf head

May 2018 was wild with what I found for cheap.

Dollzone The Moon/The Star torso

Like srsly…

LUTS Model Delf body

…look at this list.

Switch Hui

Especially this one, been lusting after a MSD scale SWITCH since… a while.

Wood Habitat/SiO2 body

My poor DoD needed a proper body, stat.

Fairyland Minifee D.Marcia

I finally accepted that MNFs aren’t for me anymore and that every time s.o. said she was their favorite of mine just made me want to smash her. So instead of resin bits I turned her into money.

Fairyland Pukifee Duck faceplate (Summer Event 2010)

A gift from the lovely wiskebjd over on Instagram

Miracledoll Small Viper body

I don’t know, I just fell in love I guess

Miracledoll Small Viper head

Was just too small from the get go

Doll Chateau Sleepy

Can I blame Seiji? I blame Seiji. Got to handle hers and fell in love and had to get mine – which had been dwelling on the local MP since a year or so.

Darak Hapumi

Another case of “what a great deal” also honestly? HER FACE!!!

Magic Mirror Siobhan

Have I been lusting after one since the last preorder? Yes I have. And if that lilac skin didn’t present the perfect reason/excuse…

Dollzone Mo head

I needed a slightly alien looking head and also NOSTALGIA

Fuego Fatua Stone Sprite

I was going to skip the preorder on account of the too short layaway…. but got generously offered an extra month so darn I guess

Fairyland L-Line Ruru Mod.

I ended up gifting the head of bb!Kimete to Wiske cause I realized I hadn’t pulled him out in like three years.

Resinsoul Wu

If I say “great deal” again, I will get shot right? But it’s a Wu, he came from Sweden AND from someone whose dolls have a special place in my heart anyway.

Evie’s Sanctum Nandi

A kind gift from nufa <3

Dollzone Hotaru

From my darling zirkusdolls <3 Will arrive sometime next year I guess lol

Volks F-13

Mandarake was a mistake, so was the internet and learning to handle both. Jk, I love my big headed child.

Goblin Tales Phantom head

A kind friend got me one from LDoll for instant gratification <3

Anhais Studio Cilene

I REALLY loved her gaunt look when she got first released and then they did a MSD version? Fuck yasss

Littlefee Luna

This has been a downsizing year xD But honestly, it’s not like she got much exposure and I was just “oh shiny” and hoarding.

Serenadedoll Ava

See above

Unoa ES Decadent Ange

See above

Littlefee Sarang Love 2014

See above

Switch MSD body

I had that double (one in the old Ariadoll variant) and I decided that I need some serious body variety so off it went (also money you know)

Nothing Sapiens TinyTardie

I always wanted a big one but got no reason but a small one? CAN FIT THAT IN! (the price also was a bonus xD)

SQLabs KDG34 body

After this year I should have learnt that posting WTBs gets me what I want in under one week BUT IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE GDI. But hey, more dwarves!

Doll Count 2017: 42 dolls (two of which are centaurs), 20 bodiless heads and 1 headless body + 5 dolls that are not mine
* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

Doll Count 2018: 62 dolls (two of which are centaurs), 15 bodiless heads + 6 dolls that are not mine
* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

ATTN: Wall of text ahead now, the tl;dr: is P L A N S

(Doll) Plans for 2019:

I thought about eliminating that section cause you know, PAYING OFF A CAR but nah, that stays. Much of it was written before my old car got the death sentence, just so you know I’m not 100% disillusioned (only like 90%).

This will be the start of my tenth year in this hobby and I prolly finally want the Vinyl Version of Pazuzu (yes I know) and a new shell for Kabira. The ideal combination for the former would be an Azone Cecily Darkness Soul as fullset (cause I want both the outfit and the AZOZ body) with those huge wibbly wobbly Angel Philia tits. As for Kabira… idk man. I lean mostly towards a Dollmore Judith Zinna, those are so underrated (and we know I can’t resist the lure of trying to see how far I get with dolls like this)! Then, a big baby body for Iason, I’m not fussy about the brand.
And I still want a SheCow Kit like… some day man, some day.

Then, I want to get companion dolls for my two oddballs Calpurnia and Claudia (I just realized both their names start with C – coincidence? I THINK NOT) – a Batchix Mini Machina for Calpurnia as well as a fantasy colored Merrydoll Bunyol and a Volks SD10 boy as Armand for Claudia (his mold is still undecided lol).

Also, shoes. Do you know how many of my dolls don’t have shoes!? Me neither but it’s a disgrace.

And fitting clothes for poor bb!Pazuzu. If I can come up with ideas.

At least those are the planned expenses lol. See you in twelve months for another installment of “this escalated quickly”. I HOPE WE DON’T CAUSE CAR LMAO

Other plans for 2019:

♔ I am switching up ADAW – I will keep to the „one picture per week“-format but I have realised that I need something more behind this.

So the aim is to get experimental in the photography department and have the pictures stick to telling a story, i.e. bringing my story forward with the writing. I even got a darn 50mm lens and got my A200 back from my Dad as a permanent „car camera“ to enable myself to take more pictures on the fly.
I still want to get a Vogue subscription for the editorials but too much awesome shoots tend to kill me and stop me from creating and with GoT Season 8 (and me screaming over the aesthetic) incoming too that’s probably not super wise.

Won’t promise anything to myself here or I’ll just feel bad if I fail xD This also won’t mean I am stopping my more hilarious pictures cause that’s who I aaaaaaaam (call Ghostbusters if I ever start taking myself seriously, I might be possessed).

♔ Tying in with that is getting more done on my story since NaNo was a bust. And I just need to put it in writing, I know how it goes and ends, it’s just GETTING IT OUT GDI.

(This obviously won’t negate my prime rule of „I don’t care if you remember my characters/stories or just like how I style my dolls, no one needs to remember the character details but me“)

♔ Then, more crafts. I am not good but I can sometimes finaggle shit together that at least works in pictures. Which hey, fake it till you make it.
I think I have conditioned myself to think of everything I do as inherently bad and not worth it. Which, looking at it from afar, is not true. I am not a genius, far from it, but I can achieve a lot more than I think.
But! I learnt MtG and YuGiOh card game rules just to impress a boy, I learnt crocheting and actually was going somewhere and my blushings aren’t half bad so. There.
Also I need something to occupy me on Sundays instead of sleeping the day away in depressed moping.
Tbh I just aim to be like 20% as productive as the lovely Zirkussoldat cause she’s my idol in that regard.

♔ I also want to visit some of my doll friends from over the world. Prolly not outside Europe (CAUSE CAR) but Europe is big.
Won’t lie, I thought about stopping to organize the meets in Munich but eh, I love my group and I feel our get togethers are good so not stopping here.

♔ Blog space. This blog. Might get a revival for me to discuss new doll releases instead of buying everything to never take pictures of.

♔ Lastly, I kinda want to give back to the community in a way, most likely by at least one giveaway in 2019 and hopefully being a better commenter (I JUST SOMETIMES DON’T HAVE ALL FANCY WORDINGS AND DON’T WANNA BE „GORGEOUS DOLL“ FIVE TIMES OVER).
Just don’t expect any Minifee heads as giveaways, I try to stay true to myself (lol) so that means if doll parts are given away, it’s most likely something obscure.

Previous years:
(you need to be my LJ friend to be able to see the years up to and including 2014 but you are not missing out on anything if you can’t access it)