Bird does Slovenia

I had the amazing opportunity to join my Dad to a quick trip to Slovenia. Our Slovenian rep had 25th anniversary where she hosted a two-day-congress in Portoroz and I tagged along.

This was also the first trip I didn’t bring my DSLR, instead all pictures were shot using my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

Random Austrian mountains which are only here cause they wre shot out of a moving car and for that the quality is *chef’s kiss*
Hotel room view! (frikkin 5 stars man, first and last time prolly cause I wasn’t paying)

Then on Saturday I met with marasheaven (doll people be everywhere lol) and we went to Piran together! The following pictures are from that day and the Sunday, where I went back to Piran with my Dad (who was stuck working on Saturday).

Tartini Square from above!
The streets had that narrow and small quality you know from Italy <3
Those seagulls were fucking posers and so not bothered by people photographing them

Gotta admit I never had Slovenia on my mind before but it was a gorgeous gorgeous experience! And end of this week I am flying to Breslau, Poland, because somehow I got sudden load of travel ahead.