Bird does Breslau

The past few days I was in Poland together with Aradolls to visit AyuAna who had kindly invited us over after we couldn’t attend LDoll 2018.

It is always funny to me to see how differently cities photograph and how differently I photograph cities. This entry again has pictures taken with my Huawei P30 Pro, edited in Lightroom for mobile and occasionally Picnic.

We arrived on Sunday evening and started the day with Polish cabbage rolls which were delicious but I think too heavy for my stomach as I spent the remainder of the evening and the Monday after sick as a dog and on a liquid diet only. No regrets tho, you give me foreign food, I eat the foreign food.

Still took pictures tho but not as many as I would have otherwise and I am missing a few good ones I was just too sick for.

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo which is gorgeous, huge and got an older part that’s German in origin (because of course). As we had a doll meet the day before that ran until the wee hours of the morning, we arrived pretty late but still managed to see a bit of things!

That’s not part of the zoo but the Centennial Hall that’s located very nearby.

On Wednesday, we were off with Agata and had a really full day (and also my stomach was 100% recovered by then and I was able to properly EAT EVERYTHING). I swear, being a food oriented person and not being able to eat was horrible. I can deal with just drinking water and tea for a day, mo biggie, but I had to skip on a chunk of authentic Polish food and I am still so frikkin sad about this. There was homemade food the first days ffs.

The panorama of the battle of Raclawice
The National Museum
There are a stupendous amount of pictures I took I am not sharing cause no one but me cares but I can’t remember ever seeing red walls in a museum before so you get a pic of that!
We did a lot of eating that day but one of the most beautiful places we went to was Nanan.
Cocktail bar by Incognito where you tell the bartender what you like / dislike and they make you a custom drink. Bonus points for accepting that I personally don’t drink and whipping up a cool drink anyway (the middle one!)
Galeria Neon Side which is tucked in a corner and has, surprise, a shitload of neon signs!
And these buddies are why I am sad I was so sick as they were all over the city in various incarnations and it’d have been awesome to photograph every single one saw. But I missed out on Monday and then I didn’t want to catch up on those again.

We had an absolute blast for the three days we were there and I am just blown away by all the niceness we encountered, with our hosts, the other doll ladies (like Agata pitching in on Wednesday to help us navigate the city) and everyone around us.

Also, the food prices. I am aware I hail from the most expensive parts of Germany and I’ve been made aware my perspective is screwed but we managed to eat quite well for around 85 zloty for three people which is like 25 €. And that included beverages. I certainly am not able to feed people on that budget in a city, let alone three at once.