The Great Purge (aka doll year 2019)

Not copying my wall of text from 2018 cause it was so much and I totally tanked it lmao

The dolls in 2019

I didn’t expect this year to go as it did. Expected a few less dolls due to THE CAR but not a sharp realization that some characters are better off in writing only and such a huge declutter… there’s a more angry and rant-y version of this text in the vault but we go with nice. And the summary that 2019 in hobby terms sucked a lot of balls but at the same time, I got to experience a lot of wonderful things so idk.

At least I had money for the first time in my working life lmao

Bought and stayed Bought and sold
  Bobobie Elfkin
Christmas present from my lovely Theru <3 And I thank you forever for being so understanding when it had to move during the whole REMODELING shtick
  Bimong Narin N415/Impldoll hybrid
I know, I said “no impulse buys” but like BUT! He’s now going to an old friend
Somniacrwaler Hoodlums Nara
  Dust of Dolls Cöti / Wood Habitat
I don’t do dolls w/o a story involvement in my own story line. I tried fitting her in. I tried giving her a story of her own… money won.
  Fairyland LTF Juri 2013
2019 marked the year I accepted that the LTF Babies were fun but ultimately the idea of body swapping went out the window with Harbinger and Teddy to claim both available LTF bodies and me unwilling to buy more. SO OFF WITH THEIR HEADS
  Fairyland LTF Soony Elf
See under LTF Juri 2013
  DollChateau K-body-17
HATED this body’s joints from the beginning. Then its head became a different character for whom I needed a different body type so it ended up being sold to fund another horse butt.
Soom Idealian51 Zinc centaur
I’ve had an Idealian centaur on my wishlist for ages, missed out on the horse parts on eBay which ultimately proved a blessing cause I got offered a full Zinc by Batchix <3
DollChateau Carol
Always low key wanted her and found a good deal! (Poor thing had an unfortunate run-in with acetone and is out of commission atm)
Iplehouse Fennec Fox
Mom and I both craved a fox and compiled resources
  Fairyland LTF Nanuri 2013
See under LTF Juri 2013
  SheCow Kit
I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS MOMENT. And then! I got him, ahhhhh! And then I sold him because he’s adorable and all but downsizing is a powerful drug
Limhwa Limho Mono
Monos are my kryptonite, especially with an attachment to the mold via other means and I loved Mendokusai’s San – so when she announced she upgraded him to regular resin… I inquired (and acquired) about the French Resin Version.
  Miracledoll Small Viper body
I knew it’d come to this when I unpacked him and the measurements Alice first released were SO WRONG. But I had to try.
  Volks YoMidi Williams
Cursed artifact lol
  Fairyland LTF Shiwoo SP Mod
See under LTF Juri 2013
  Lilycat Cerisedoll V2 body
This and the following dolls/parts were me pulling the trigger for reasons, money and glory
  DollChateau Sleepy
  Resinsoul An
  Resinsoul Wu head
  Soom Ai/Silk/Yarn hybrid
  Pipos Humpty Dumpty / Event 2013 egg
  Pavilion.P/Soom hybrid
  Fairyland LTF Shiwoo OE
See under LTF Juri 2013
Iplehouse JID girl body
The duct tape dummy Nezu had was kinda on its last leg and I had money so uhhhhh
  Souldoll Gana head
Birthday gift from “the gang” <33 (which ended up in the purge but it was an incredible thoughtful gift and I feel bad it fell into this year)
  Fairyland LTF Halloween 2014
See under LTF Juri 2013
  Fairyland LTF Elf El Mod
See under LTF Juri 2013
  Impldoll Colby
Okay this one made me briefly sad but I did jackshit with him for years and he deserved some attention
  Fairyland Pukifee Duck/Hujoo hybrid
  Narae Kissing/Dollzone Moon/Star hybrid
  Dollzone Hid
That one was gifted away actually lmao
Iplehouse Violet
I know I said I want an Angel Philia for modern!Zuzu but I gotta admit I’d rather not ruin a Vinyl (cuz lazy)
  Twigling Minigenue
Iplehouse Owen head
I’ve been pondering an Owen again after the Williams debacle, skipped on one on DoA, finally caved for one on IG… which turned out to be my Owen. The one I had bought in 2013 to be Stephanus. FATE?
  Fairyland LTF Soso
I know I said a few lines up he was here to stay but Khell mentioned she’d take him and I do jackshit with him soooooo
  Souldoll Vito Azrael Skull Ver. head
  Fairyland MNF Klaus centaur body
Figured it was cheaper to get him and realize he’s not working than coveting him and paying whatever ridiculous second hand price ppl come up with. And don’t get me wrong he was fancy but the idea of investing even more money in him gave me a violent NOPE reaction and I’m not about that anymore
  Dollzone Hotaru
  Dollzone Mo
  Iplehouse Violet/Resinsoul hybrid
  Souldoll Vito boy body
  TiffieBJDCasting Battholomew head
  Dollsbe Jujube head
  Souldoll Juno Elf head
  Dollshe Fashion 28M L2 body
Conarium 49cm male body
Last ditch effort to get my Stephanus /raises glass (did it work? Idk, so far I’m not working on him but not feeling the need to sell either)
Impldoll Trista Deertaur
A super kind gift from mawgy!
Volks Nono
I would like to thank Khell (and in the same breath curse her) for gifting me her Nono
Volks Rio
A Rio from Mandarake
Volks F01
And trading me her F01 cause clearly I needed a variety of Volks girls
Volks F05/old F08 head
And then suddenly the Volkses became the new Blythe phase lol
Volks Yugiri
WITH ME FINALLY GETTING A YUGIRI!! (as a friend put it, “I can’t remember you not looking for one” lol)
Volks Shiratori
The quest for derp
  Unoa Elder Brother Zest
  Switch Hui/Ariadoll Hybrid
  Soom Puss in Boots Baby Ver.
Does it count when Mom got him? I mean I got some money so I guess..? lol
Volks Kun
Fell in love with her faceup, briefly hesitated cause she came as a weird hybrid, found someone for said weird hybrid AND ALAS (“the quest for derp take 2”)
Crobidoll R-Line body
Shoutout to yalkipalki for taking the body off my hands!
LUTS Delf girl body
Because the F05 needed a slimmer body to not look weird
  Goblin Tales Phantom/Dollshe Fashion 28M hybrid
  Iplehouse JID boy Model body
Volks SD13 girl boy
Because my Kun turned out WS and I love her enough to splurge 28k on a double jointed Volks body, rip
Volks Michele
What if I bid 90k on a Michele and won…? Haha, just kidding… unless?
Volks SD10 boy body
Actually got traded for an old SD13 body cause I like Michele as a girl
Volks Ushiwakamaru
Honestly at this point it’s me taking the piss
Volks discontinued F07

Doll Count 2018: 62 dolls(two of which are centaurs), 15 bodiless heads + 6 dolls that are not mine

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count              

Doll Count 2019: 48 dolls(four of which are centaurs), 1 headless body in the US and 5 headless bodies + 15 dolls that are not mine (3 of which are pet dolls)

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count              

Plan for 2020:

Live the hobby like it’s 2010 again. Get rid of old baggage, enjoy the hobby again! CELEBRATE TEN FUCKING YEARS LMAO

The two main focus is Volks as I feel I’m in need of a break and already went through a Blythe phase a few years ago. Then, as an aside, the Modern Crew, with the fantasy crew being largely packed away. I enjoyed sharing them with everyone but this year has made me realized that while I love them the most, it makes me too vulnerable. I’ve had characters/dolls ruined for me due to shitty associations and I don’t need that kind of negativity on top of an actual depression so bye (for the larger public, I’ll be working on them for my own enjoyment).

Exception is Pazuzu who has a life of her own and does need no story shared to be admired. I guess.

And then not cave for a Dollmore Trinity as H U G E Pazuzu because the bitch is salty the Volks Squad is getting attention.

Volks Squad wise, I’d love to get a sunlight F51, then Agrippa (Michele) and Archie (Shiratori) need faceups and I kinda want to get them all glittery eyes a la Oscar Doll.

And lastly something I feel the need to address: It is okay if the way I am going now is not your tea. It’s okay to hit that unfollow button even if we’re mutual. Curating your own internet experience is important and I promise, I won’t mind.

Is the purge over? No, tbh. I sorta want to reduce more, maybe even sell some of the dwarves (not Hallbjörn!). It’s gonna be random and organic as usual lmao

Re: Meets: I won’t be really going back to hosting any next year. I want to make LDoll but it honestly depends, I swing wildly between wanting to go and wanting to go full hermit so who knows (I certainly don’t).

Previous years:
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