Pandemic boogaloo (The dolls in 2020)

So, 2020 amirite?

We jump right into the dolls and skip everything else lmao


SD16 F51
Discontinued old F04 head
Kyotenshi body
Discontinued F11
Suwarriko body NS
Discontinued F06 head
Discontinued F14
SD10 Suwarriko body (sunlight) as trade for SD16
F16 (half for joint custody)
Kohya head
Discontinued F12 head
WS Suwarriko body
Christmas Mimi
F17 head
Garnet head
SD16 body
Discontinued F10 head
Liz Spring Stroll Ver.
SD13 Sara head
SDGrG body
Discontinued F15 head
Unoss Aika


Magic Mirror Siobhan
Youpladolls Zopa
Otherside Oddity
Resinsoul Sui body
Owl MNM Benedict Cumberbatch
Anhais Studio Cilene head
Limhwa Limho Mono
Ringdoll Chunyi/Customhouse Little Junior boy hybrid
Souldoll Vito Paw Wolf/LUTS MDF hybrid
F35 head (got blank, traded for Khell’s AngelToast one, traded back AGAIN)
F01 head
Impldoll Trista

Doll Count 2019: 48 dolls (four of which are centaurs), 1 headless body in the US and 5 headless bodies + 15 dolls that are not mine (3 of which are pet dolls)

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

Doll Count 2020: 52 dolls (three of which are centaurs), 1 headless body in the US and 7 bodiless heads + 15 dolls that are not mine (3 of which are pet dolls)

* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

As you can see, it was a very fruitful and Volks-y year and coincidentally also the first year since a while where I throughly enjoyed the hobby again. It is not all because of the switch to soothing big headed girls obviously, there is more at play behind the scenes but they do deserve credit.

The MSDs are still on the shame bench and I got no idea if I will ever really pick them up again. That may or may not lead to more culling in 2021 but like srsly, couldn’t care less.

I also definitely succeeded in enjoying the hobby like in the beginning, just vibing with my hobby friends, being excited for other people’s doll acquisition and I think that’s beautiful

Also rediscovered my joy of doll photography and photography in general and that’s what counts the most 👀

Plans for 2021?

Complete my Volks wishlist (Tsunenaga Hasekura II girl & Souseiki/Suiseiki) and get a maximum amount of FRILLS!

Get caught up on shoes for everyone! Anyone else who hates buying shoes? And yet wants FANCY ones? I might need to start buying at least one pair per month to get that rectified – shoe challenge anyone lmao

And bodies. Since my Mimi sorta took hold of the SDGrG body without thoughts of sharing, my F14 and F15 NEED their own proper bodies cause my loathing of the very first SD13 body knows no bounds. Also sorta want one on an Unoss body 💸 I rly need to learn to shut up 💸💸💸

Further on my list is finally dismantling the MSD scale study, rebuilding it smaller on my desk and using the resulting big free space as a picture space tailored to the Volkses. I can make it work, I have the technology 👀

What I ponder is putting my IG on public again, simply because I post so many of the really old school Volks and some are super hard to find pictures of online. Or revamp the website for more Volks content idk.

And then maybe meets once we can safely do them again and traveling to meet my international buddies? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST a thank you to everyone of my doll friends, for yelling about dolls to each other, for helping me find my oldies, fot linking me every auction involving old Volkses and to just enjoying this hobby Renaissance with me. I love you all so much 💕

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