Here he comes [Dollshe Fashion Grant Phillippe]

I started the whole doll blogging business back in 2010, when everyone had a Livejournal and blogged regularly (often daily) with it. I remember writing daily entries that were – if I look back at them now – menial and pointless. But it was fun! There were always someone who commented and you ended up randomly talking in the comment sections and became friends over time.
It’s a bit like looking back at the 90s now and think „oh that must have been an easier time with no worries“. Which, of course, is utter bullshit but eh, the brain’s funny that way.
POINT BEING is that I do not plan to let this blog go the way my LJ went but instead keep it focused on the dolls and less on me screaming in rage at… a variety of things. And people.

I’ve slipped into ‚hibernation mode‘ with the first snowfall because snow means that my outdoor pictures are severely limited as snow and I don’t agree picture-wise and my indoor pictures have always been between slightly shitty and really shitty. So I hibernate, trying my best to get some nice pics for the remaining ADAW weeks but otherwise taking it slow.
On the plus side, now that it has gotten clear what of my commissions did not made it in time for proper outdoor pictures, the urgency to get it in the promised timeframes has vanished. Simply because I can do jackshit with it anyway unless the snow goes away or it’s Spring again.

Right in the middle of this twilight zone my Dollshe Fashion Grant Phillippe made it to me without any exciting detours to customs (a Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one!). He is Stephanus, a character I had since I was like 14… which is a damn long time when you’re now 23.

Stephanus is insofar a special case as I had been trying to shell him in dollform for years. My first try was an Iplehouse Owen in 2013 which went so wrong that I was too scared to start a second attempt until November 2014 when I ordered a Souldoll Vito Jang… and then Dollshe announced the Fashion Doll releases. Cue me screaming because I had always known that the Dollshe Grant Philippe mold would have been perfect for him but as a MSD collector with the sure knowledge of nine failed attmepts at owning MSDs I knew that I could not order him in SD. But a MSD release? Count me in.
I ordered him straigth away on the first day of the release and settled in for a longer wait (because you know, it’s Dollshe and I did not spend these last years in the hobby under a rock). There had been jokes in the Discussion thread about Dollshe taking a year to send them out but I think we all hoped this would not hold true.

But then they started shipping them out and I had been tracking him like a madwoman. The seven hours of „out for delivery“ today felt like seven days and the three hours after he was delivered and until I could go home from work felt like seven years.
I actually had the nerve to take boxopening pictures this time even though I am usually too lazy to do that. Or rather, some pictures b/c I was too lazy to switch my 100mm lens for my 35mm one. Go me.

Shiny box is shiny (I adore SDink’s versions of the Dollshe boys btw)

Candid up nose shot

Certificate and… credit cards? Wonder if they equal a black American Express…

Alllll the extras – the price the Christmas Event Packages went for were a fucking steal for what was included in the end!

And the main course ;u; Eyes are cheap-o TB glass eyes in 8mm but they are perfect. Guy thankfully has ‚demon eyes‘ aka full on black so no pesky business of figuring out the perfect ratio of pupil to iris to eye white. Yay.

And now it is time to disassemble him, ship his OE head to the US for a face-up and his upper body to Russia for his tattoos. Meanwhile I can start on thinking what clothes I need to commission for him and how to get his wig and horns from somewhere… as well as where to get some proper throwing axes from. Sometimes I do regret that my dolls are all fantasy universe based, it was so much easier when I had dolls that dressed in pastell XD