At the end of the year, we look back and go „oh well“

It is that time of the year again b/c I hope the next 15 days will bring no new dolls.

For kicks, my plan for 2015 from last year:

I want a LUTS Yul Satyresse body in deep orange to hybrid it with a tan humanpart and make a Haflinger centaur cause reasons. The other Unoa ES faceplates I miss (Belia Decadent and Ange OE). And a doll to shell the character of Pazuzu OTL

The dolls in 2015

What actually got done:

Bought and stayed Bought and sold
Fairyland Littlefee girl body (NS)
I caved and put up a WTB thread for bb!Kimete’s body… and had found one like 12 hours later for the price I was willing to pay xD
Iplehouse JID model body
Technically I bought a full Kyle but the head was already spoken for in a split. Body went to Chad’s floating head
LUTS Minifee Lishe tan
In my defense, I paid like € 260,00 for her and kinda wanted one of the first tan LUTS Lishes for a while… and she came from Germay! Sadly she didn’t work out for me so off she went w/o overly much regrets
Iplehouse JID Violet NS
I admitted defeat in the face of the fact that the Violet mold was the only mold I could see as Pazuzu and got her. And she is perfect.
Iplehouse JID Violet GS head
Just got her as a spare head to send away for fitting wigs for Pazuzu
Unoa Chibi Lilin
I visited Aradolls in April and got hooked on Dragon Age: Inquisition. And that made me want a dwarf lady. And then I came back home and s.o. put up their Unoa Lilin for sale and the rest is history
Littlefee Lewi faceplate
I also kinda always wanted a Lewi and then Toybox sold hers and eh, he was rather cheap so Lewi it was.
Littlefee Soso faceplate
Usually I don’t get my panties in a twist when a new Fairyland Event pops up cause while usually at least one head interests me, I’m very good at telling myself that I can get it later. But a YoSD Soso? Need plz. Not that I managed to get him painted yet, go me…
Minifee D.Marcia head
I missed my bitch faced Marcia ever since I had sold her and when I finally got Khaled’s sisters all written down, a Marcia turned out to fit… and then I got her head in a trade for clothes I was selling so yesh.
. LUTS Yul Satyresse lower body in deep orange
On my list since I started on the centaurs. PITA to get w/o the upper body and usual worth your left kidney. Got one rather cheap … and then sold her to make up the Christmas present overspending spree. Such is live.
Fairyland Minifee A-Line/M-Line hybrid body
I adore the biggest M-Line bust the most but prefer the A-Line body so once again Toybox came through with a MNF split for me to get my perfect body combo for Khaled’s sisters.
Resinsoul Song in dark tan
I’ve wanted a Song back in 2010 as my second doll but somehow never got one… till I bit the bullet this year b/c the overtime I worked in October paid for him in full. He is currently with Gabriel/lightlybattered and will make an appearance next year.

To be fair, I tried to sell my Unoa ES Ange Decadent head as I had to realize that only Belia could be Allegra but kept her in the end. So only two dolls sold in 12 months? I am getting pretty darn good.

Doll Count 2014: 8 dolls, 4 heads and 1 horsie ass* + 4 dolls and 1 head that are not mine
* I might have miscounted that – I srsly went over it like ten times and am still not sure I got all dolls included

Doll Count 2015: 14 dolls (two of which are centaurs) and 3 heads + 5 dolls that are not mine
* I counted the incoming dolls / bodies towards the full doll count

This year was an incredible productive (as well as expensive oh god) year for me in terms of dolls. I finally started to get my crew how I always envisioned them in terms of looks (I am loving that I went with the whole color coded shit, makes my life not easier but looks amazing) and I feel I advanced a bit with my photography as well (or I’d like to imagine this at least). There are still some loose ends I need to tie from this year (namely outstanding commissions) but at large this year is the best year I’ve had in this hobby so far.
I am pretty excited to start my 6th year in this hobby and continue this year’s trend of actually getting shit done as planned.
And at this point, big fat THANK YOU to all the amazing people I’ve worked with this year to make this all possible. And to everyone who dealt with my crazy-ass ideas and made them reality.

Plan for 2016

There had been a detailed post about it here already but I modified it a bit insofar that I want to get everyone at least one formal and one fighting outfit, get more furniture and jewelry and finally work on my poor Volks Ian, provided I get her back anytime soon (got the go ahead from my co-owner to go wild and just tell her if she needs to chip in some money so yisss).

Previous years:
(you need to be my LJ friend to be able to see it but you are not missing out on anything if you can’t access it)


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