Blippo Kawaii Box – December 2015

I think the Blippo Kawaii Box is a subscription box that is already known as it has been going on for quite some time – if you don’t know what it is, you pay a monthly subscription fee of $ 18.90 and in return you get a monthly box of Japanese stuff. I had been a bit hesistant to try it out and first went with Oyatsu Box which provided only Japanese foods but after that one kinda went down the gutter with my CC not being charged and I not being notified of the failed charge and subsequently missing boxes I decided to go with Kawaii Box. Esp. since I am on a sort-of-diet and should prolly not monthly get a box of food stuff I will gorge down within days.

ANYWAY, I plan on doing a ‚review‘ of it monthly, mainly b/c I obviously will never like everything included in his box so all things which the annotation ‚(avaiable)‘ are up for grabs for the cost of shipping only! Just comment or get in touch with me otherwise and it’s yours!

Onto the box!

Opening the box yields a cute little card, on the back it’s a list of things included in the box (which is pretty damn helpful I tell you)

Removing the wrapping you are greeted with the sight of all those nice thingies <3

Towel lollipop! (not avaiable)

Nail stickers (not avaiable)

Polka dotted washi tape (I love washi tape so this was a case of „aww yiss!“) (not avaiable)

Ice cream purse – this thing is adorbs! (not avaiable)

Squishy (avaiable) and cat nail clippers (not avaiable)

Owl notebook (avaiable) and doggie pen (avaiable)

Puffy stickers (not avaiable) and nail art stickers (avaiable)

DIY Sweets Ramen Kit (avaiable) – avaiable only b/c I already did it once xD

Overall for the price you pay it is a fun little box, even if I end up keeping only half of it!