China Trip Feb./March 2016 – Day 3

[In which there is finally picture spam]

I have a theory: Beijing swallows up all foreigners upon entering and spits them out on the tourist hotspots. Why I think so? Cause today during our tour through the Forbidden City was the first time I saw other obvious tourists. But as soon as we were out again? Zip zilch nada.

But first things first – this time I do have breakfast pics!

Today was the same as yesterday just instead of greenery we had a sausage and a soft bun with red beans. We also got up at an unholy hour again cause we needed to drop Dad’s boss off at the airport, switch hotels and then make our way to the Forbidden City.

But oh my god, that is one epic place – for the doll people, this is how I imagine the palace of Khaled’s father. This is also just a small part of what I photographed but uh, did not want to spam overly much.

Technically we were to see Tianmen Square after that but it took us five hours of walking just to get through all of the Forbidden City an after that I decided that seeing it in passing was enough because afterall it is just a square. Also my feets were dying so I needed a bed, stat.

Which I got for all about forty minutes before we went out for hotpot – which is really similar to fondue. You have a hot brassier of sorts with two different broths (one spicey, one not so much) and you put different things into it and cook it.

Brassier thingie to show it for those interested.

I am now off to die in peace in time to be resurected for Great Wall walking tomorrow.