The great Blythe purge of 2016

I started with the Blythes in 2013 cause my BJDs felt like they were lingering somewhere low and ugly and I was so unsatisfied with them, with the lack of my favourite characters in doll form, the lack of conveying my epic ideas into real life and everything. So I squared up and got the Blythe I had been lusting over for years. And then another. And another.
Blythes are fun in that way that they don’t need much work to be perfect little things and I fully admit that the year I spent solely on my Blythes (2014) as well as the year I divided my attention between them and the BJDs (2015) were good years – I learned a lot in terms of photograpy, posing and settings with the little critters and for that I am incredible thankful.

But I also moved on with my BJDs, finally into the direction this whole thing was supposed to go years ago. And I feel myself unable to deal with two really demanding doll groups simultaneously. Which is why my Blythes have been ignored for months and I kept coming back to how selling them would provide money (and space) for the BJDs… and that is how I usually know it is time for a purge.

I actually crawled through my LJ to compare the great purge of 2013/2014 to 2016 and it had the same sings and feelings – even though the BJD purge came because I had gotten too much dolls that did nothing for my story but instead tried to establish a story solely for the BJDs which will forever be my biggest hobby mistake.
With the Blythes it is just the knowledge that they will be neglected more and more now that I even kicked them out of their cabinet and that is just too sad. So I’d rather have them going to people who’d appreciate them and invest the money in what interests me.

So long story short, I had to decide on what group to concentrate and the BJDs won.