Props and why keeping tabs on eBay is a good idea

Though if my weekend habit of hardcore browsing through eBay and etsy is recommended is debatable. But it is a fact that I got a lot of my favourite props and furniture simply because I can spend hours upon hours going through listings after listings and measure stuff. My favourite tags to look through on eBay are certainly „salesman sample“, „apprentice piece“, „American Girl furniture“, „hina doll“ and „gogatsu“ on, „Puppenstubenzubehör“, „Kaufmannsladen“ and „Puppenstube Zinn“ on and „vintage miniature“ on Most of my pieces were found in those search tags.
Of course the prices vary greatly (esp. regarding salesman samples) so it pays to rerun searches with specific tags when you find something you like and you might find it for a better price.

This entry I wanted to showcase the stuff I got so far simply because I love seeing other people’s props and it might be helpful for some of you searching for props and furniture! This also won’t include the custom made furniture commissioned specifically for my dolls cause that’s a whole other bag of bugs.

This kicked it off – that’s a Hinamatsuri display piece of a tea ceremony set that turned out to be perfectly sized for MSDs.

See? Perfect.

Hinamatsuri and Gogatsu pieces often turn out to be perfectly MSD sized – case in point is the Gogatsu samurai armor I got that actually fits an Iplehouse JID. Not perfectly but certainly enough to be workable as temporary armor and then move to gorgeous display piece.

The last picture also includes a very adorable garden bridge I got off eBay that takes up more space than I have but is nicely in scale as well.

Then there’s this wardrobe which according to the listing is from 1910. I have no inkling if it is a salesman sample, an apprentice piece or indeed something intended for dolls right from the beginning but the workmanship is perfect and for 45 bucks an investment I will never regret. It has real metal fittings which is super gorgeous.

Currently it holds the tea ceremony stuff but I plan on using it to store Khaled’s new coats as well as Kimete’s clothes in it too.

I actually found it in the „Puppenstubenzubehör“ tag on – not to be confused with ‚dollhouse‘ because imo Puppenstube can’t be translated with dollhouse. A dollhouse is most of the time 1:12 scale while a Puppenstube can be bigger and does include 1:4 scale pieces in some cases.

Then there’s this off-brand cabinet that was also marketed as American Girl furniture.

I fell in love with the tassle on it xD

For the time being it holds my assortment of miniature bottles and glasses I am accumulating for Stephanus. The bell jar sculpture is from damnfrenchdesserts on etsy whom I encourage you to check out! Their things are amazing for dioramas!

I think you all have seen my desk enough already but it has to be included cause technically it is a jewelry box that is getting mis-used.

That and I am sure I haven’t shown off the lower part – which includes doors that actually open and reveal two more drawers!

Nothing is complete however without some smaller props – like this samovar (that is supposed to be really working and was a standard UDSSR souvenir in the 70s/80s apparently according to the eBay listings).

Another favourite piece of mine is this letter opener I got – way pricier than I should have bid but I fell in love.

For now that is the extent of my prop addiction (excluding the American Girl things, those get their own blog post once the newest stuff is in and I can do some comparisons!) – what props do you have and what are your favourites of your collection?

8 thoughts on “Props and why keeping tabs on eBay is a good idea

  1. Amazing props! I’m just getting into these, as my dolls are getting more or less ‚ready‘ I have more money to spend on the little things. I have to check out the American Girl stuff, so I hope you post about them soon :3 Although I would need everything in either SD or Yo-SD size, so I have to be extra careful with measurements XD

    1. Same! Like I spent all these years buying clothes and now I am like omg! I can get all those props omg! xD

      And I hope I can do the AG comparison soon! / wills USPS to go faster

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