the wrong side – main storyline

This is one big fat WiP cause try to write up 11+ years of characters of which the majority exist w/o any written information is a PITA. For now I stuck to the ones in doll form (+ some others) and call it a day (will be updated whenever I find the muse to do so). Also all the main characters have very serious “Mary Sue”-issues (as they were created by a child/teenager who knew nothing about character developments) and I honestly didn’t change the majority of those issues cause the funny parts stem from that xD

Simply put, the storyline is the quest of two gods to overthrow the ‘government’ (Council of Gods) and replace the amount of current corrupt gods with better ones who have not turned a blind eye to the woes of demons and men. Much hilarity and battles ensue on the way to that quest and in the end everyone dies.More in depth it’s a story that in its core dates back to when I was 12 with tidbits that go as far back as to when I was 6 (when it wasn’t my ‘story’ but rather imaginary friends) and is therefore very Mary-Sue-ish at best. There are a lot of horses, everyone can bend the elements, lots and lots of weapons, very wtf-esque relationships and most of them have a problem with alcohol. Plot-holes are explained with magic (god how I love magic) and I swear I was mostly sober for all of this (which is not a good sign probably).

The story’s name “the wrong side” stems from the fact that on whatever side you’re on in this story, it’s most likely the wrong one and will end in your untimely demise sooner or later.


It goes like this – once upon a time, when the world was just a glint in the eye of the giant Melomenes, seven beings emerged from the dark. They were not fully formed yet; they were just there, like a particular unamusing thought which would not leave, no matter how hard the thinker tried. The giant tried to sweep his eye in a vain attempt to get rid of the thoughts but only succeeded in getting it loose, until it hung from his face only secured but the veins. In a fit of rage, the giant ripped it out fully and threw it away, where it floated in the vast darkness. Only then, the seven beings descended upon the floating eyeball and started to mold it in the image of the worlds they had seen flashing before the giant’s eyes.

The seven beings are named Michael (1), Gabriel (2), Raphael (3), Uriel (4), Jehudiel (5), Barachiel (6) and Sealthiel (7).

Based on the creation legend, the world is named SILMÄ (‚eye‘ in Finnish) and is split into the following six continets:

  • ADEBAYO („the crown meets joy“ in Yoruba, Western African)

Mostly marsh and wetland of varying wetness, small villages dotted occasionally in the more dry spots. Headland that is called LAND’S END where STEPHANUS and PAZUZU built their castle. No real capital, instead it is ruled by small fiefdoms with weaker leaders which made it the perfect place to start a rebellion as no strong alliances needed to be overthrown.

  • ADEBOLA („the crown has met wealth“ in Yoruba, Western African)

Crescent-shaped continent that holds the biggest port in all of SILMÄ. Most of its wealth has been amassed by trading with the other continents (mostly ADETOKUNBO). Capital is CIUDAD BLANCA with its hold over the harbor, ruled by ELEANOR OF AQUITANIA, the merchant queen.

Both ALLEGRA and the reborn STEPHANUS were born here.

  • ADEBOWALE („the crown has come home“ in Yoruba, Western African)

Origin continent of KHALED, KIMETE, the K5 and CHIHIRO. Mix of Asian and Oriental themes with large bazaars, imperial roofs, bustling streets in the quarters of the lower class where mudbrick houses are stacked and convoluted, paper lanterns strung between the houses, tea ceremonies and huge bustling ceremonial robes at court. Ruled from the capital by High King ARUNDEL.

In the middle of the continent is the desert QISIR TORPAQ (“barren land” in Azerbaijani) which is populated by a variety of desert tribes which mostly sustain themselves by warring with each other and robbing caravans (NUBIA, Goddess of War, was part of one of those tribes as was KEYBANU, wife of ARUNDEL). The tribes are at constant war with the giants over the oases in the desert, which are the most important places to hold if one were to rule over the desert.

  • ADEGOKE („the crown has been exalted“ Yoruba, Western African)

THE COUNCIL has its seat on this continent. Middle Europe in terms of vegetation (vast forests, mountains, rivers and stuff) and climate.

  • ADETOKUNBO („the crown came from over the sea“ in Yoruba, Western African)

Akin to Russia, wide open tundra stretching into more icy mountains the farther north you go. Lots of small homesteads in the tundra whereas the upper class lives in the two bigger towns on the coast. CHAD hails from here.

The prison KUR DI BIN („deep under“) lies deep under under its frozen soil.

Silmä has limited technology, best compared to the technology in the middle of the 19th century. They do have limited electricity and a bit more advanced communication methods (first editions of telephones and of course telegrams though both exist side by side with two-way-mirrors, messenger birds, mounted messengers and crystal balls).