Doll version has been sold, profile stays up for completeness sake

Doll Stats
Base: Resinsoul An
Customizations: Koala Krash
Wig: Frapzilla
Outfit: Fawnfeathers / pepperonipizza
Eyes: MakoEyes

Character Stats
Profession: Trader
Element: none
Notes: Traders are not a species but they could as well be as they are organised in guilds and adhere to strict rules. They are all more or less tied to the merchant queen Eleanor of Aquitania. Want something from one of Silmä’s countries you can’t acquire yourself? Contact a traders guild and inquire about prices, time and fees (then sell your grandmother to afford those). They have a love for body modifications, be it piercings or dyeing their whole skin with pigments – the crazier the better!

Caspian is part of the travelling people, moving from market to market, ostensible dealing with spices and other ingredients needed for potions and brews, to poison, to heal… though in reality, he is one of the traders who have specialized in old artefacts stemming from Silmä’s creation, in items who allegedly belong to gods, in bits and pieces of powerful beings grounded into dust to enhance abilities.

He travels in a group of other people who are either traders as well or other people forced to travel for various reasons – they can pull up a whole little market just on their own with fortune tellers, small plays and of course, wares. Ælfnod sometimes travels with them.