Doll Stats
Base: Iplehouse Violet
Customizations: Pearls of Danube
Wig: eclipse21
Outfit: nezumitoo
Eyes: DollBakery

Character Stats
Profession: Goddess of Cruelty
Element: Earth
Notes: Pazuzu is Stephanus’ child as much as his creation and was raised in the Grey City under the tutelage of Eleanor of Aquitania. She was chosen by Harbinger to be the goddess of peace as well as virginity which are honors she was never stripped off even after she became Goddess of Cruelty (thus creating the paradox that in any instance a virgin’s blood or any other virgin related parts are required she was able to step in as the Goddess of Virginity would always register as virgin despite the fact that she was anything but. Hence the nickname “instant virgin” – derived from ‘instant noodles’ – she was given by her Jeromé).

During her time at the Grey City she was also close to a group of young demons whom Morgana and Sirius, a pair of sisters, were raising in an orphanage of sorts. She lost contact with them over the millennia but close to the end of the storyline there’s all a happy reunion. She was also raised together with Eleanor’s sons Rex and Tyrion and their cousin Haz, who are all mildly insane and never stopped playing pranks on everyone and anything – which later comes in handy in warfare cause itching powder is a force to reckon with.

She’s the one who found Khaled and brought him back to Stephanus in an attempt to lessen his meddling with her love affairs.

Not counting Nikita she has seven blood related children as well as an adopted child (Luciel, Lysander, Angelo, Iwalani, Nightingale, Wulff, Lucrezia and Morgana Evanesca) – the actual plan for them was to be married off to strengthen alliances but Pazuzu for all her faults still loved her children too much to enforce them to give up a self-determined life for the sake of her quest for power. The majority of her children leave her soon after the whole war against the Council starts – save Wulff, Nightingale and Nikita – but later come back to strengthen the ranks.

past!Pazuzu: The ‘original’ Pazuzu had led the armies for the ‘original’ Stephanus as his main officer. Under her command she had three generals, each of them loyal to her until death. She was married to Stephanus but has a daughter with a foreign ambassador to ensure his folks help in the upcoming war (see Nikita). She was executed before the war could progress further than a few scuffles here and there – before her death she transformed her army into three statues, each one given to one of her generals to be hidden for future use. The generals were ordered to forget where they hid the statues until Pazuzu would be reborn. Unfortunately ‘new’ Pazuzu has so far only partially regained her memories which has impact on her generals as well, who still have not remembered where the damn statues are… which is way said army is still ‘in storage’ so to speak (imagine the Councils relief at that).