Doll Stats
Base: Fairyland L-Line Ruru
Customizations: Xhanti (adult) / the-sinister (child)
Wig: Josefina de Venetia (adult) / Frapzilla (child)
Outfit: nezumitoo / flowergirl
Eyes: EnchantedDoll
Horns: Leekeworld (with blushing by Aradolls)
Weapon: Withdoll

Character Stats
Profession: God of Sin
Element: Fire
Notes: Kimete is (at least in the main timeline) Khaled’s only child. He’s fiercely loyal first and foremost to his father, likes Varekai well enough and despises Rajko for what he did to Khaled. He spent a good deal of resources and money on finding his father before the Council did but has had as much success as them (read: none).

He is in a three-way-relationship with Nikita and Wulfric and the source of a lot of headaches for everyone whilst figuring out if it’s incest or not since Kimete is their uncle related by marriage of Khaled to Stephanus and Wulfric and Nikita are technically half-siblings, but as Nikita was born to past!Pazuzu and not the present!Pazuzu that’s neither here nor there.